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    I thought i saw someone yesterday with the same mount just colored green!! So how come noone knows about that one mount?? Anyways.. this mount looks way to cool to be put in the blizzard pet store tho, they should've made it a rep reward so it would be possible for everyone to get it!! Anyways thats a fine looking mount, good luck to anyone who enters this contest ^^

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    I bet it fits my pally.

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    What a coincidence, it's my birthday today.

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    Awsome aura on wings maybe the next type of this dragon will be with fire great job blizzard

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    niiiice mount. definitely would love to add it to my collection

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    Ok, this mount is awesome! looks very nice! I am going to put this mount to my collection with winning this or buying it! I don't care, I wan't it

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    This mount is look amazing! I wiil hope to get it free, cause I have not suck a lot of money...

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    looks good

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    This mount looks.... yea well, what word can be used... hmm, Awesome is guess....

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    Mother of god I want this mount!She is my golden dream

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    Would have been great as an achievement mount, shame everyone will be riding one, never-the-less, SOLD!

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    Dang, that is one awesome looking mount

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    I think many that are upset this wasn't a raid drop mount....just want that special snowflake feeling if they are lucky to be able to get what ever top raid achievement they think makes them special...guess what your not special ........I was the 4th person on my realm to be able to buy the Tundra Mammoth you known how many freaking times I got called a gold buyer when I showed up in SW or IF during the 3rd week of LK going live ......tons of players in trade chat went off on me over and over....then 2 weeks later I made the Chopper bike for my hunter whom was a engineer...and again I got called a gold buyer for days....guess what I really didn't freaking care....was I special nope...I had planned all this out long before LK went live and worked my fool butt off to attain the gold and skills to have those two for this new mount ...what does it matter if everyone has one so what.....I think its a awesome mount....and truly hope more of this same mount style comes out with MoP in different colors.....and yes I brought one...normally I don't buy these mounts or pets from the store..due to my limited funds since I am disabled....but this month my power bill was quite low cause we have a very mild winter so far last I had extra bit of money to get it and I all my toons will have it even into MoP....come on MoP...time to rock and roll Chinese Dragon style....

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    Cool to have it, but i would never pay for it

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    hope to win this through the contest, if not, i might actually purchase one

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    The mount is so NICE hope that i will get it someday .. really love this contest that are going on )

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpbuntinx View Post
    hope to win this through the contest, if not, i might actually purchase one
    Well it sure is awsome, but does not fulfil the prosperity of it's title.Kinda moving too much and resembling a flying lizard than a dragon.
    Reminds me more of the chinese style dragon pet than the aspects, but i like the wings effect and definitely the unique and new color!

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    You shall not pass this mount to anyone else but me, deal right?

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