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    ohhhh this is the best mount ever in the game

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    Draye, King of Mannoroth, posting. K love you!

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    This is perfect with my new title "the Insane"

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    It's such a unique looking mount to have! So sexy :3

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    and this is how blizzard helps deal with loss of subs

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    Looks awesome, I want one!

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    looks strange somewhat

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    I wonder how awesome it looks pandaren

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    1 in 1500 odds right now as of posting this. Eh, wouldn't buy it because I'm tired of all the cool mounts being Blizzard Store mounts, but if I get one for free, whatever :P

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    The mount looks epic, if it was white it would almost look like the flying cat thing from Never ending story

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    Love it! Thanks for the chance!

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    I love how they say they have no time to make ANY decent-looking stuff - crap tiers, recycled bosses, recycled environments, never updating character models, but at the same time they got time to introduce a totally new and unique skin that you get from the cash shop... Also - it totally hurts eyes if you're on a high-pop realm, standing in your capital city.

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    It is a gorgeous and unique mount. I'm not sure I can bring myself to spend 25$ on one though...

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    If they made a mount like that from a boss achievement, i guarantee you more people would be going into raids.

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    OMG i need to find the 7 WoW dragon balls to get this mount all 7!!!!
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    ME ME ME Really nice mount!

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    At least this time its a good looking mount.

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