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    Magic The Gathering

    I don't think I have ever seen a single forum post on this website about Magic The Gathering or any other Boardgames (i.e. Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer / 40k, Yugioh, Poke'mon) or any of that type of stuff so I wanted to create thee first forum discussion on Magic: The Gathering. Currently I play Magic on M:TGO (Magic The Gathering Online) It costs a total of $10 to get started but you can play the trial for free for forever. I run a U/W Control Deck and I was just reaching out to other possible members of the magic community to see if anyone else plays and visits this website. Thank you for reading and hope you comment.

    This forum is for anything MTG related so please post away, pictures, decklists, etc.
    I will try my best to give advice for decklists.

    (You can move this post if it's in the wrong place, was not sure where to place it).

    If you are looking to get started a good website to buy cards from for Online and IRL is:
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    I played MtGO waaaaaay back in its first couple incarnations - including the first version that wasn't actually online. Haven't tried it in ages though. Originally, you could play without much investment, but if you wanted to play in any serious fashion, you had to spend a boatload of money on virtual cards; same price as real ones as I recall. What's the pricing scheme these days? You say $10 up front and then you can play the trial for free... what does that $10 get you and what's different if you upgrade from the trial version?

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    The only difference by upgrading from the trial is the selection of cards and being able to edit your deck. The trial version gives you a selection of different decks for you to choose from. When you spend the $10 you get something like 1000 cards to choose from and 6 event tickets, allowing you to enter tournaments or trade them for rares. Depending on the rare you could get 25 rares for 6 tickets or 1 rare for 1 ticket, the good rares still cost a boatload of money. So far I have dumped about $26 dollars into the game, that's including the upgrade fee of $10 and personally I feel as though it was well worth it. Most of your uncommon and common cards are 10-50 cents a piece and for one deck you can get a lot of cards for just $5. Your rares can average anywhere between 20 cents to $10, the mythics range from $10-40. Currently I have over 2000 cards and had 12 rares until I traded them for better ones, now I'm down to 4 rares and 2000 cards. I still can fight on a competitive level and win 75% of my games with the minimal amount of money I have spent so far. Some people invest $1000 of dollars into multiples of decks so when I say $26 is minimal it really is. Even though some of these decks that I face could cost anywhere between $100-200 I still beat them 75% of the time with a $26 deck, it all comes down to luck and strategy in the end. I heavily researched my deck though, so if you plan on playing this game, really research what decks are good and what you would like to play and how much it will cost in the end. I hope you gain interest again, even if you play the trial. I played the trial for 3 days and loved it, couldn't get enough so I simply had to upgrade.

    A good place to research what cards you want to get is: or
    Decklists: (Shows you what cards ppl play with on a competitive tournament level)
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    I've just recently started getting into MTG. Although, my buddies dad got me into D&D when I was.....7ish? Didn't really understand it at first though.

    "What's a...deesix?"

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    Lol, the first board-game I ever played was Poke'mon, I then turned to Warhammer 40k because my older brother was playing. When I was around 14 I saw a bunch of guys at the local shop playing MTG and I got instantly hooked while watching the local tournament, from there my increasing interest has grown and now I'm glad I found MTG: Online. Best thing they ever invented, I mean you don't get that special feeling every time you open up a booster pack (personally probably) but it is still every bit as fun. I spent $200 in one day (IRL) when I was young and had my first job and man opening up each pack like it was delicate china was the best time of my life. I hope you continue to keep playing, and possibly expand your interests to online, it's a whole other world when you join online, far more decks and players to go against.

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    Though I don't play online, I do play IRL with some friends every other weekend or so.

    I typically run 2 different decks:
    - B/U Mill
    - Red Elemental Burn

    I personally prefer my Mill deck, but way too many of my friends play with some sort of weeni deck, so I end up screwed unless it's a 4 person FFA or something.

    I've thought about starting an Ally deck at some point, but my money has other priorities atm, unfortunately.

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    I would prefer to play Magic IRL but there is not enough people in my town and the people that do play only stick with one deck so there isn't enough variety so I personally switched to Online and have found it to be really enjoyable, not as much social communitication but it's still fun.

    I really want to start up a Black/Green deck just for sheer randomness but atm I have to spend money on other things so that won't be for some time. I can understand how playing a Mill deck could be hard in a 1v1 not enough control for me personally. You should try out, online even if it's a trial though. It's free, so why not? :P

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    Yeah I played through Steam's MtG game trial or whatever it is. It was ok. Not enough freedom with decks for my preference.

    Does the one you play on allow you to build custom decks?

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    I used to play it irl too, we had a nice club where we were usualy between 8 and 14 people or so showing up, and a bit more for releases and so on.
    But i stopped playing because it just got to expansive and time consuming, i know i could play it more casualy than i did, but then it just wasnt as attractive :P
    Since ive stopped ive still showed for a couple of drafts, releases and just casual Cube.

    Back when i started Fifth dawn was the newest set out, and i stopped when lorwyn came if i remember correctly, i miss playing every now and then, but i just dont feel like i have the cash to start up on new again at the moment. But its great fun if you have some nice mates to play with!

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    If you pay for the full version of the MTGO you can customize your decks and have just as much freedom with your cards as you would in real life, although the cards in game do cost the same as the IRL versions of them, most are a bit cheaper. The game does provide more capable opportunities to duel people, in singular duals, tournaments or 2/3 matches, there are over 3000 ppl playing and over 30+ tournaments on a daily basis , therefore a boatload of variety. It allows custom built decks and the $10 that you spend gives you 1000+ cards and 6 event tickets to participate in drafts and tournaments.

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    I'm considering going to the tournament at my local store again but every time I enter during the MTG tournaments it smells like sweat and hotdogs so I'm not really a fan. I have to agree it is quite the expensive game / hobby but then again every hobby is quite expensive and time consuming. Last year I spent $600+ on snowboard equipment, so this is a huge money saver for me. If you want to get started up again, I'd just buy a starter deck, not that they are amazing or anything but the event decks for $25 aren't bad now n'days. They can't compete on the tournament levels but they do well against your average opponent.
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    I played it for some years and some years ago (8th-10th edition or something like that), but not competitive and only IRL. Creating decks was fun. I still have like 16 lying around at home - oh I really liked my B/W control deck. :x Maybe I give it a try and look what it's like to play online.
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    Ahhh then you're not far behind, the newest edition is 12 atm. I rarely play at a competitive level right now, not enough money but I soon hope to be able too. That's one of the best parts of Magic is being able to diversify your deck and make what you want out of it. I hope you try out the online version even if you just do the trial; a link to it is in my first comment. All you have to do is downloaded it, install, launch and then click trial account in the launcher and you're set.

    Here is another link:

    f any of you decide to play again (Online), just add me to your buddies list.
    Username: Linken
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    One of the funniest MTG card's I have ever seen, it's a spoof / meme but it's still good :P
    This forum is for anything MTG related so please post away, pictures, decklists, etc.
    I will try my best to give advice for decklists.

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    I used to play but I sold my collection except for about 20 decks (yes 20). I have a lot of fun stuff left and I didn't figure I'd buy more into it. Some of my friends still play and my decks I have left allow me to play against them and still have a variety.

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    I used to play regularly in high school / college, even made it to the knock-out round of Pro Tour Qualifiers once, but then I had to move back to my home country and sold all the cards.

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    I've played MTG since I was about 6 years old off and on depending on whether or not I have people to play with. Even though I had a fairly extensive old school collection, it's been picked through by friends, I vastly prefer standard over other game types. Just easier to get the cards for your deck.

    I've never bothered with any of the online paid programs for MTG, if you want an excellent program has a free one. It takes a little bit of extra work to understand the program so you can add in new sets/pictures but as I said it's free and a perfect platform for testing out decks with friends.

    Right now I'm messing around with a straight blue zombie deck for standard. General idea is to get the most out of skaab ruinators and copy them with phyrexian metamorphs/phantasmal images with frost titan and some late game lock down. If things go right you can have an army of 5/6 flying zombies until you can start laying down the frost titans by turn 4/5. Also working on a non-birthing pod mono green ramp with reasonable success. Although for tournaments I'll probably end up running our mono-red vampire deck which after recent tweaking has play tested pretty well.
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    use to play irl, well my whole family did. Still have all the cards. My mom was the one who was really into it( as in she has many decks, played in competitions and actually spent tons of money on it). She has a really nice elf deck that beats most even to this day, when someone does play once in a great while. She has a burn deck as well. Idr the rest she has.

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    I got into that game pretty heavy when it first came out, I played from around 1994-2000 that included the regional tourneys and 3 nationals. Basically it got to be a expensive habit that had to stop. I think at some point I had close to 300,000 cards before I started selling them off, I did manage to keep in binders one of every set up until late 2001.

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    Hehe, I was never able to get over 2-3 decks of cards at a time. When I was younger I had at least 1000+ cards but I've lost almost all of them since then. Now I organize my cards to close as perfection can be. Still sitting at only 4 decks of cards though with my current collection. Since joining online I've cut down on my spending's; I use only one deck atm for online play. Glad you are still playing though, it's a great game and a lot of joy when you play with your friends.

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    Wow a lot of you have already achieved what I could only dream of doing. If you would like to share your experiences on what getting to tournament qualifiers/nationals/regional s, etc was like I'd be more than happy.

    ---------- Post added 2012-02-17 at 02:26 PM ----------

    Thanks for the advice Shimmera, I might have to try that site out; I really only use M:TGO because the mass amount of players to go against. Right now I'm trying to perfect my U/W Delver deck, getting some of the more expensive cards. I'm really interested in making a Green/Black deck; my idea is destroy and conquer. Use a lot of the black instants/sorcery cards to wipe out their hands so they can't play anything and use the green creatures/sorcery cards to search my deck for land to get enough land to pump out the insanely strong black/green legendaries and keep shutting down their hand / destroying creatures. I could change it into a token summoning deck though, not sure what to settle with.

    ---------- Post added 2012-02-17 at 02:27 PM ----------

    I want to start getting into tournaments / competitions, but my budget is a bit short right now. Just wondering from your opinions if it is worth it or not, was it an enjoyable experience, etc.

    ---------- Post added 2012-02-18 at 10:40 AM ----------

    Hey guys, I'm going to be posting a new decklist soon. Just wondering if you guys could give me some input on it. Thanks in advance.

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    It makes me very sad to see so few people posting in this thread :c

    I played MTG quite a bit when I was younger but drifted away and got into games like Warlord and Yu-Gi-Oh! but recently I've started getting back into it.

    Anyone else love treefolk?

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