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    [A] <Bane> - Grim Batol - Recruiting for semi-hardcore weekend raiding!

    Hello there!

    Quick background story on Bane before continuing on to the topic at hand - Bane was originally formed back in early Cataclysm, and after doing good for the first couple months, the guild slowly died out with the launch of 4.2. Back then we raided on the "usual" raiding days; Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday.

    Drug (officer) and I (GM) recently decided to ressurect the guild, with the goal and motivation to turn it into a "weekend raiding-guild", welcoming mains and alts alike. Furthermore, we've also managed to pick up a great guy from Xavius EU who will also be an officer. We all have decent progress in current content, ranging from 8/8N to 5/8H.

    As it's looking now, we'll probably be raiding on Saturdays and Sundays during the day/afternoon - Sunday, at least, will end off at 18:00, as it's pretty common for "main"-guilds to raid at 19:00 on Sundays (we'd like to stay "alt-friendly"). Keep in mind that these days aren't set in stone - all that is certain is that they'll be a) in/around the weekends and b) alt-friendly.

    Starting up, our primary goal is to turn out to be a close-knit social guild with semi-hardcore raiding patterns with progress to match. Getting into hardmodes during the first week or two of raiding shouldn't be a problem whatsoever, just to give you some idea about the progress and goals we're looking at.

    Recruitment-wise we're looking for pretty much everything - if you feel like joining, you can throw us an application in our recruitment forums. Be sure to read the "[READ BEFORE POSTING]: template"-thread before getting started with your application.

    If you have any questions about the guild, feel free to whisper any of the following in-game: Evela (me), Yaela (me), Avele (me), Drug, Dreadzor, Rizr.

    Good luck applying!

    - Avele//Daniel

    Raiding times is not 100% set yet, might add another day

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    What's your website? :<

    Edit: nvm looks like your guild fell apart > http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/grim-batol/Bane

    Also Website:http://bane-gb.wowstead.com/ :>
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