Thread: Am I ready?

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    Am I ready?

    I was just curious to know if I was geared enough to try regular DS. Also if you have any pointers on gear/stats/gems let me know.

    I plan on getting 4 piece with legs. I plan on getting bracers from DS, Back from valor and ring from shared loot.

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    I personally don't like relying on procs for my CTC coverage with that Soulshifter trinket, but you should be well enough geared to start DS.

    EDIT: Just noticed reforge of parry to hit on your chest...why?

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    more than ready. Easily able to clear normal DS.

    gear looks good except for you've got a couple of reforges to hit. not sure why.

    Other thing you can do - Get to 102.4 and replace the proc of mastery trinket when you do.

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    you look like you've been ready for a while.

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    I wasn't sure a good hit % for tanking that's why. If I have more hit than I need that would be awesome. Should I undo all my hit reforges?

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    I, for the most part have carried almost 0% hit on my Pally tank for quite sometime. I am however expertise capped. I have had 0 problems w/threat or DPS while having 0% hit. (Vyvanse in sig).

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    Quote Originally Posted by teebo View Post
    you look like you've been ready for a while.
    Pretty much this. ^ But, I would remove the reforges into hit, as others have mentioned. You also have an empty Major glyph slot and the ones you are using aren't all that great for tanking. I would select 3 of these instead:

    Dazing Shield (trash/aoe/5mans)
    Focused Shield (single target/boss tanking)
    Ascetic Crusader
    Hammer of Wrath
    Holy Wrath

    I, personally, would pick one of the shield ones OR alternate them as needed, and then Ascetic Crusader and Holy Wrath, but those are just my preferences. Minor glyphs don't especially matter, so those are all personal preference, if you even want to use them at all.

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