View Poll Results: Most OP class will be?

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  • Mage

    24 20.34%
  • Hunter

    9 7.63%
  • Death knight

    11 9.32%
  • Rogue

    7 5.93%
  • Priest

    3 2.54%
  • Monk

    36 30.51%
  • Shaman

    5 4.24%
  • Warrior

    0 0%
  • Paladin

    4 3.39%
  • Warlock

    19 16.10%
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    MOP Talents: Most OP class will be?

    So based on the current talent preview which class will be the most OP?

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    No possible way to tell.

    None at all.

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    Hunter...or Monk.

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    like always

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    This might have been intentional, but you didn't include Druid.

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    Mage, Rogue, or Monk, probably all 3 will be OP, with one slightly more, but since monks can heal, there is your 3v3 comp for next season.
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    you didnt invlude druid but i would say druid, they get a blink + stealth, its gonna be annoying in pvp

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    I'm gonna wait until beta as it's difficult to actually call something OP until you see it in action. It's a new system so the old OP classes may not be as strong as they were before. However if i had to put my money on anything it would be the monk, just because it's the new class and it will first of all take people a while to get used to it and secondly the dev's will have to get used to the class so that they can find out exactly what causes the class to over perform.

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    Well last time blizz added a new class it was horribly OP, monk will be the same ( for a while at least).

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    To many super sayin abillitys spread all over atm - hard to say really. Ele shamans spamming Lava bursts with a chance for each cast to overload and duplicate itself sounds mental in cataclysm context. 50 yards shot @ hunters. Dk 25% finisher. Warlocks abillity to relocate your entire team instantly. Looks like pvp is going to be more about composing the right team to fit your needs and playstyle than ever.
    Might end up being either insanely fun or just really unbalanced

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    Nice to see no-one thinks Warrior will be OPál/simple

    Warrior main.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exoblade View Post
    Well last time blizz added a new class it was horribly OP, monk will be the same ( for a while at least).
    this is my thought as well.

    inb4 "it's a HERO class, it's spose to be OP!!!"

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    What is the point of this thread exactly? Even IF those were final talents, you have none of the other surrounding knowledge and numbers to make any kind of judgement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exoblade View Post
    Well last time blizz added a new class it was horribly OP, monk will be the same ( for a while at least).
    Don't you think they have learned from that mistake?
    It was the first class they added afterall.
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    monk, obviously.
    It's like crossing an intersection. There's shit going on all over the place and you don't panic and act like an idiot then do you?

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    For the record, monk is not a hero class, just a new class.

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    How exactly can anyone make a decision right now? lol

    A couple of people still seem to think the Monk will be a Hero class. It starts from level 1 and will be just like any other newly created toon (except the actual hero class, Death Knight ofc)

    I think I'll take the sane choice and opt to reserve judgement until the Beta. My main is a Hunter and considering that most of the abilities have had damage reduced right now, this stat scaling had better work :S

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    Druid but its not in the Poll...
    Giving them strong shapeshifting stuff in every specc (good heals as feral bonus agi as boomkin/resto) could make them awesome

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    if iam correct almost all classes get some extra cc like rooting etc but i think druid wil be good dunno about monk havent seen much of them lately

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    BM with silencing shot maby, not OP but will be very good i reckon. But Mage or rogue i guess, always good cc and defensive cd's.

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