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    Automating @mouseover Macros?

    Hello, everybody!

    I've been setting up my Paladin's Holy offspec for PvP, and I realized I need a lot of @mouseover macros to be able to heal properly. I know there are lots of folks out there who actively click their target's frame (or their actual nameplates! Amazing!), but I found out long ago I just don't work well like that. So, the first time I played a Pally healer seriously (way at the beginning of Cata), I created a ton of macros to ease up my healing and to allow me to keep a hostile target selected for interrupts and stuns. I was thinking of doing the same thing now, but my macros tab for that character is already pretty much full already due to things I need for his Protection mainspec.

    Are there any good and simple add-ons that automate the mouseover process so I don't have to start deleting my Protection macros to make space for the even more vital Holy macros? Everybody tells me about Grid and other raid frame add-ons, but I haven't got them to do what I need them to do: they seem to rely on mouse clicks instead of keyboard strokes. I want is to be able to cast my heals and support abilities by pressing their keybindings while hovering the mouse over their unit frames, no clicking involved, while still being able to keep an enemy targeted. Are there any add-ons that do that?

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    First thing I really have to ask is... do you really need that many macros for one spec(prot)? Is there anything that can be free'd up? hotkey+alt/hotkey tabs can be used as just 2 normal keybinds etc

    Edit: Also, Grid works great, as I use it on my holy paladin, you just have to basically use Grid just to see everything and not set anything up on it for clicking. Such as, I just have a normal @mouseover macro and hover my mouse over a grid square and hit the keybind, basically what you are wanting.

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    well im not using a paly but for my lock my macro is

    /cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead]Bane of Doom;Bane of Agony

    so what it does is my normal target it casts bane of agony, but when my mouse is over ANY target it casts bane of doom on it
    im not to good with macros but for healing i think you can chance harm to something else to make it worth for friendly
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    @theblkbltmstr: it's more a quality of life issue. My Prot macros aren't really vital, it's just I'd need a ton of macros for Holy. The default raid frame works for me already.

    @flareside: yup, that's exactly how I make my macros! I'm looking for a way to cast spells on mouseover without having to create a macro for every single one of them!

    @Teippi: Clique looks interesting. I'll give it a try once I'm back home.

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