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    Hmm based on this some classes, warrior for instance, wont get any new skills It feels as Blizzard doesn't care about them.

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    Surv Hunters will be the new Arc mages

    Quote Originally Posted by James9653 View Post
    Based on these notes - Hunters are going to have some interesting mob abilities. but in a straigh up dps fight we just got nerfed.If Blizz goes through with these changes as listed, that will be it for me, time to log off forever.
    We were nerfed straight across the board. But black arrow now has no CD and does 1,051% weapon damage, plus the new 15% increase in damage from the new ability = 1208.65% weapon damage. Couple that with the additional AoE utilities... I think hunters will be quite viable in all encounters.

    But to your single target output... I still see possible nerfs once 5.0 is released.

    Single target rotation will be way too simple and boring though.
    Open with Blinding Shot
    -> BA x 2 -> Cobra Shot x 2 -> BA -> Cobra Shot x 2 -> repeat

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    I've played since Vanilla and actively read forums and Pre-Expasion discussions and I can honestly say that I still love this game. It's tiring to see all the same "Can't wait 'til (insert new MMO) comes out.". Evolve with the changes, give 'em a chance. Despite what anyone says, they DO know what they are doing. These new MMO's (I do own SWTOR, Rift, GW etc) do have their strengths but there is something about WoW that keeps so many people playing despite all the QQ on forums and blogs. All I'm saying is just wait and see. All these changes for all these classes seem pretty fun. I have every class at 85 so I am excited to play them all. Just remember, overall, that these are still being tweeked and many things may still change. Wow isn't going away in MoP. Not yet at least.

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    The cry babies that is the WoW community never surprise me. You see one little - XY% on somthing and you cry like babies. And still waiting for the big day when "Balance" comes to PvP. People there will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever be balance in PvP. Im starting to think MMO players QQing about balance in PvP is a natural order of things.

    The sun comes up, birds fly, cats meow, dogs bark, mmo players cry about balance in PvP.
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    Intimidating shout Where is it??!!

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    Thank you for intentionally making the rogue class unplayable instead of fixing our issues, you fucking fucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by themightysven View Post
    I know it's a misprint, but I'd really like to see the 50,000 yd range on disengage go live.
    proximity requirements is not the same as the distance you fly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zananos View Post
    You missed the druid Mark of the Wild. Looks like it no longer gives the resistances, just buffs the main stats.
    From: Blizzard Talent/skills calculator:
    Mark of the Wild
    30 Increases the friendly target's Strength, Agility, Stamina, and Intellect by 5%, and all magical resistances by [ ( Level 1-70 : (Level/2) / Level 71-80 : (Level/2 + 0.714 * (Level - 70)) / Level 81 or above : (Level + 2.5 * (Level - 70) + 3.5 * (Level - 80)) ) - 3.5 ], for 1 hr. If target is in your party or raid, all party and raid members will be affected.
    24% of base mana, 30 yd range, Instant cast
    Is that no longer "actual" (come MoP), Zananos? If so, where did you see that ? From all I have seen so far, Mark of the Wild remains unchanged - and if they would change it (ie. removing the resistances part) then they would ALSO change "Blessing of Kings" (Paladin) in the same way - neither of which I have seen or heard of, to date. Could you quote/link the source of your information, please?

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    I think there's a change missing from the rogue section. There's a new passive ability called Swiftblade's Cunning that's learned that all specs learn at level 30. As far as I know it was introduced in this recent revamp.

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    These nerfs won't really stand. Here's why: Back in 2003 Mythic wanted to do an across the board 30% nerf of everyone's dps to control burst in PVP the backlash from this was HUGE. On vnboard the screaming was literally unbearable and boom, change reverted. People don't want to feel weaker in a brand new expansion but this is really another band-aid on top of another band-aid that is already falling off. Still interested to see how they handle this.

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