Hey there people, im warrgazm from Vek'Nilash (EU) (H) Also known as Senersen.
As you all know the gate to crossrealm raiding has been opened.

Im one of those guys that farms stuff just because i can, and i pretty much enjoy it.
Some of those arnt as easy as others. One of those raids is ICC 25 Heroic. You guessed it, im on my Shadowmourne Quest and trying to get my hands on
the Invinc mount.

Done a couple times full heroic now, but since most people got there items / titles its getting harder to get a decent raid going.

Do you want to compleet your Icecrown Citadel Glory or perhaps the quest items for Shadows Edge, get your quests done for your own Shadowmourne ?
Transmog your gear ? Well its now all possible. Althoug the Shadowshards / Invinc Mount is reserved for now.

Trying to lead a raid alone in such places is a pain already as it is. doing it crossrealm is even more difficult so getting myself rewarded for that isnt to much asked i hope. I will keep doing this even after if done my quests, just because its imo best raid ever.

you can send me a message with you BN ID and ill add you so we can keep in touch. Ill post Date / Time on my BN for ICC 25. ( Always in the weekend )