Ok guys im come to u with 2 small question really.first of i would like to say im quite happy with my rotation and think my dps is where it should be but possibly pull more when using the MS/MB rotation when fiend is up by getting some more mastery.
i would like to state im absolutly awful using some of the reforge sites so i usually sit for ages with pen and paper trying to figure out best for myself,but im almost sure i can get more mastery out of my gear.

anyways so my first question is is there anyway i can get anymore mastery out of my gear.
secondly is it best to reforge my haste dwn to the 2589 haste cap to get more mastery or is haste more important?

Toon = http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...athdeal/simple

anyways thks in advance for any help.soz for no logs but only alt so never have it running in pugs.