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    Quote Originally Posted by supertony51 View Post
    Saw this one and couldn't let it go unanswered.

    Military members don't put there "jobs" before there families (most dont anyway). Part of the job requires us to be deployed for long periods of time. When someone marries someone in the military they know what they are getting into. You don't marry into that lifestyle and just say "oh well your not home so its your fault." If the spouse is a female, and you need sexual satisfaction that badly while hes gone...get a vibrator or another toy, don't break the trust and commitment of your marriage just because you need to get yourself off.

    The spouse overseas is supposed to be faithful as well, to me it falls into the category of integrity. If I can't depend on one of my soldiers to be loyal to their spose, how can I expect them to stay loyal to your squadmembers when the shit hits the fan.

    I see it all the time downrange. A soldier doing there job, working hard, providing for their family only to have a selfish spouse back home running around on them. Ive seen shitty sposes make more soliders non-combat able due to depression and lack of focus them ive seen from injuries sustained during combat.

    At least you have the integrity to say that youwouldn't marry into that lifestyle because it would make you unhappy. Unfortunately there are lots of women who have NO problem marrying into the military, getting the housing and educational benefits, medical benfits, and other privledges and not do their part and not be a whhorebag while we are gone.
    That's assuming you marry someone already in the military and know what you're getting into. I'd say a more common situation is when the couple marries young, possible after high school and then the husband runs off to join the army for whatever reason but without the wife's consent. There isn't much the wife could do about it really.

    Now she's faced with 3 options. Suffer through it and "take one for your country", divorce or just live well on the husbands money and seek the company of better men. Personally I haven't had this situation in my life before but I've had to deal with selfish men a lot and they aren't all the white knight types who discuss everything with their wives or girlfriends. Usually it's "I'll do what I want, stop nagging and suffocating me even with decisions that greatly affect both". I'd call the last option the most reasonable since when he didn't think of the wife, it's only fair to be selfish too and use him till you find someone better or if he really loves you, make him jealous and force him to quit the military.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH1471 View Post
    You sound very shallow indeed, not to mention broke if you attempt to do that. Divorces are expensive things.
    me? i would never do it

    i dont care if a person is fat or skinny as long as they are happy and i am happy

    i told them to do it because they would be unhappy married to a fat person

    but if they are happier being single, doesnt matter

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