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    GW2 On Console?!?!?!?


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    this topic has been discussed to death, like you already know but decided to ignore

    it will come on consoles right after WoW, AoC and all other games that announced console versions because it's an eye/ear candy for clueless investors

    and while at it, can you stop trying to desperately get views on your youtube videos, it's getting ridiculous... quality content is what does it and this isn't one

    IMO, these kind of channels are putting ppl off GW2 instead of making them interested.
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    This topic again? Did the other massive thread about this subject not satisfy?

    Please could this thread be locked?

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    Ouch, some harsh replies, but the gist is warranted. This didn't really deserve its own thread, as you could have easily made it a response to the existing thread on the console topic or even your own podcast thread.

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    Sorry, wasn't sure, i will delete this thread if i can
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