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    Cool Pick apart my Disc Priest ! - Main swap

    Main swaped to a Disc priest - haven't played one in quite a long time. Our guild is currently 2/8 HM. I completely prefer disc. I've hated holy for a very long time. I'm looking for basics here. I've done quite a bit of research and I've leaned towards Haste / Mastery. I don't seem to run into mana issues at all and I've reforged quite a bit away from spirit. Obviously my gear still needs help and I'm working on that but any pointers would much be appreciated.

    Wowarmory link:

    There seems to be huge debates everywhere I go on whats better. I've seen a lot of Haste / Crit builds because of the specific damage that happens in DS. I tried that for awhile and output wise Haste / Mastery seems to get me further.

    Generally what I'm doing:
    PW:S for Raputre(usually on tanks - more if mana permits).
    Archangel on CD - or prior to any damage ramp up to buff my healing output.
    PoM on CD - Always.
    Holy Fire on CD if possible.
    PoH spam during heavy damage - Weaving PW:S / PoM.
    Gheal only occasionally - mostly on tanks when they need it.
    I use Power Infusion on myself prior to heavy damage
    Shadowfiend at 55% Mana or so - Hymm of Hope later in fights if I or others call for it.
    Arcane Torrent on CD

    One thing I haven't been really doing:
    Using penance often. - Seems largely useless.

    Obviously I'm using Barrier when necessary and Divine Hymm when necessary(or called for by heal lead), same with pain supression.

    I'm not usually responsible for tank healing so Inspiration is largely useless - yes it has its benefits but - healing Morchuk has never been an issue and we aren't to warmaster yet. Keep that in mind when critiquing the spec.

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    Looks pretty solid, Although if you are not using penance often I would unglyph it for barrier & move train of thought into either strength of soul/surge of light/fill out darkness/etc... If you arent using penance or gheal often, its pretty much wasted talent points. I wouldn't bother with the purple gem in your gloves if you are reforging out of spirit largely, just toss in a red for an extra 10 int.

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    More curious if thats something I should be doing - penance seems like a higher cast time vs the amount of healing it does. But you make a very valid point. Those are pretty large wastes if I'm not using penance often.

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    Penance's greatest strength is the quick grace stacking for spot heals (ie tank dips, PWS->Penance->GHeal(w/x3grace), It allows you to get alot more bang for your buck casting a gheal. I would suggest trying it out some, I don't glyph penance and I don't use it on cooldown but for spot healing it is very effective and efficient to boot. It can be very helpful to prestack your grace before a burst on the tank (ie impale in 5..) and as soon as the burst hits you can have a preloaded gheal.

    I will say though, I would not take Train of Thought in order to decrease your penance CD via smite, ToT is primarily there if you are in more of a tank healing/assist role to give you more efficiency during single target.
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    Haven't reforged my gear since getting the Heart of Unliving - will probably reforge more out of spirit. - I seem to be able to time it relatively right with what I'm doing now anyways to still be too high on mana by the end of fights - feel like I should be spending more then I am. My healing #'s aren't bad but could be better. Sitting around 3rd on meters when most of our healers are 398+ ilvl equipped. I'm sitting around 386. Been playing this toon in cata a total of ~7 days.

    Probably will drop ToT and finish out Darkness - maybe 1 into SoS.

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    OK im a haste crit build. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...nfess/advanced
    It works good, if your more of a poh type priest, and is also great for tank / smite heals.
    Mana isnt that important untill your progressing into a few heroics, (not Morg)
    I rocked 1500 spirit untill heroics and then it just hits you.
    Your missing Inspiration, which is alot better than you may think and pretty much states that you rather have numbers than benefit the raid.
    Dont even bother gem spirit for 10 int.
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    I've tried haste / crit and I'm looking at raw throughput. Mastery simply is way less overhealing. I've seen this argued to death and I feel Mastery fits my healing better. I can see where crit feels more beneficial. As far as inspiration - We have a Resto shammy we usually have tank healing - wouldn't inspiration be redundant or would it stack?

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    Im not saying haste crit is better than mastery stack, just saying that it is viable. (math says its better for hps)
    Over healing isnt too much of a problem eather, just need better timing,
    As for inspiration, its still powerful maby more so in 25's.

    Im drunk ill check in tomorral
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    Your reforging is fine.
    Crit builds are pretty much inferior to mastery.
    As for specs:
    -- Primary Spec
    Drop atonement, put one point into IS, drop one from EH and put two into shadowfiend.
    -- Secondary Spec
    I personally wouldn't run an AA spec but the spec is fine.

    PW:S is good for rai healing too (I.e pre -shield a group ect).
    Don't just shadowfiend at a specific amount of mana if the fight is longer then 4 minutes. Use it to get as many as you can. (ie, if the fight is 4:30 use it about 10 seconds in so you can guarantee a second. Common sense pretty much)
    Do you have any logs I can look over for more detail?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viyro View Post
    Gheal only occasionally - mostly on tanks when they need it.
    dont be affraid to use it more! its a very powerful spell
    consider getting vp wand and ring when you have enough currency for that.

    i see that you have non-evangelism spec, but you picked atonement points for it. that seems bit meh, for sos spec id recommend dropping atonement points and picking something else, maybe veiled shadows (u mentioned that mana matters) or even inspiration.
    also get rid of glyph of flash heal, get poh glyph instead.

    im not sure about your spirit, generally it can be low but with your ilvl it might seem a bit too low - on the other hand, if you dont have mana issues then i guess its all right.

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    Hah hadn't been using the non atonement spec. Actually been Aa/A the entire time. I like having a non atonement spec though because it is better in a lot of situations. Been using AA / A for Yor'sahj since thats what we're doing atm. Actually didn't realize what I did for that spec.

    I am preshielding quite a bit forgot to mention that as well.

    Also the CD for Shadowfiend is 5 minutes w/o Veiled Shadows - hence the using it at a certain % of mana. If I use it at around 55%. Along with spaming quite a bit it usually takes me to full mana. With Veiled Shadows I can obviously use it more then once and would.

    As far as my spirit, I was planning on once geared going a bit more into spirit not a lot. To be honest I have no mana issues I feel like I am extremely efficient with healing on my priest. I played a Resto druid in end game content for 6 years off and on.

    -As for gearing I'm wondering if I can get away with using some non spirit pieces and possibly keeping spirit elsewhere. The BOE Trash belt is haste / mastery. Wand off Zon'ozz is Haste / Mastery and Ring of the Riven is haste / mastery. The Dragonfire Orb is haste / mastery. I'll get those as drops in no time for the most part.

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    For current content we have dead:


    Would this be viable? Would keep me around the same spirit I have now with a lot more haste / mastery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rfx View Post
    Crit builds are pretty much inferior to mastery.
    Crit haste builds vs mastery are both viable and close enough to fill a wow form post. (which it did)
    So no crit haste isnt "inferior" to mastery.
    Once again ill note that Haste crit is mathematically has the most hps.
    Mastery's strength is being able to absorb alot of timed dmg. ( Like morg's stomps)
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    Yep which is why I'm not trying to spark that debate. I'm going with haste / mastery. I want to know how to do that best. That being said just curious how much spirit (least amount) i can get away with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viyro View Post
    Yep which is why I'm not trying to spark that debate. I'm going with haste / mastery. I want to know how to do that best. That being said just curious how much spirit (least amount) i can get away with.
    Do you have any logs?
    If no how much do you cask pw shield and do you spam it when huge dmg can be for seen.
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    Depends on if the fight warrants it - Heroic Yor'sahj I can pre bubble spam quite a few people leaning into a blue phase. Or stomps for morchuk (the soaker / tank) sometimes more people quite often more. Just depends on the fight itself really. If I know damage is coming yes I prebubble quite a few people.

    As far as logs - nope. Should be able to come up with some Monday though.

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