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    I would say it would be better to test this at a park or on a street, everyone at a train station is usually in a hurry so it kinda cancels out paying attention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thetruth1400 View Post
    In all honesty, this.

    I'll agree that priorities are completely screwed up in society, but people have lives that they have to deal with. Whose to say that the majority of the people didn't listen to the music as they walked by? Whose to say they didn't have something more important to do then stop and listen to the music? Whose to say that his music was relevant to them in any way that would make them want to stop?

    There are just too many unanswered questions to sit there and say, "People don't recognize beauty that's around us." For all you know, the commute to work is more beautiful to people then music written by someone that died 262 years ago.

    Heck, even your post says what these people were most likely doing, meeting their schedules. If it were me, I'd love to stop and listen to this guy play, but that doesn't mean I would always be able to.

    It's almost naive to think that people just have free lives to stop and do what they want, when they want, with no repercussions. Heck, for all you know those people would be fired if they didn't hurry about their lives like they were doing.

    In addition to that, since you aren't hearing what people are saying, nor reading their minds, there's absolutely no way that you can say people didn't enjoy the beauty of the music.

    I'm also fairly certain that the person that paid most attention to him was the person at the end who walked up to him and told him she had seen him before. She stood there and enjoyed it, then basically thanked him at the end.
    Excellent post. People have priorities. If someone is trying to get to a meeting in which several other people are waiting for him should he be disrespectful and waste their time to stop and listen to a stranger playing the violin? Maybe he comes home and night and listens to Bethoven on a CD? No one knows. When I'm in a rush I don't stop and look at random things but on my own time when I can really slow down I do appreciate beauty in all its forms. I tend to notice little flowers blooming in sidewalk cracks, for instance. That doesnt mean I'm going to be unprofessional and late for a meeting just to stop and listen to someone playing the violin.

    This does remind me though of something that happened when I was a teenager. I was in the mall with my friends (of course!) and these four huge black marines walked through the mall singing the most beautiful harmony to a Boys 2 Men song. It was amazing. What seemed like the entire mall stopped and listened to them and applauded when they were finished. They weren't soliciting money or anything just singing. I'll never forget that.

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