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    Patch 4.3.3 on PTRs, Blue Posts, Fan Art, Diablo 3 Beta Keys

    Diablo 3 - Beta Patch 13 is out and includes an insane amount of changes! Complete revamp of the runes system, public chat, Real Money Auction House updates, and more!

    Important - I apparently forgot to mention it, but winners for the Heart of the Aspects have already been picked. If you didn't get a PM from me, you haven't won. Sorry!

    Patch 4.3.3 available on Test Realms
    We didn't really report earlier because of all the Mists of Pandaria craziness but the Patch 4.3.3 is now available on test realms! This is a bugfix patch and you shouldn't expect any change from it as far as we know, but it means more bugs are being fixed on live realms soon!

    Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Druid (Forums / Talent Calculator)
    Update to Mists Talent Calculator
    What are the developments for the Cat and Bear versions of Mangle/Swipe/Thrash/etc.?
    Several abilities for Cats and Bears are slightly different depending on Cat or Bear Form. The abilities you’re seeing in the talent calculator are the base versions that show up in your spellbook. Here are some additional details about their different effects in each form:

    • Mangle: In Cat Form, has no cooldown, costs energy, and generates a combo point. In Bear Form, generates 5 rage, and has a 6 second cooldown, which can also be reset by a proc from Lacerate and now Thrash ticks.
    • Swipe: In Cat Form, has no cooldown, and costs energy. In Bear Form, has a 3 second cooldown, and is free.
    • Thrash: In Cat Form, has no cooldown, and costs energy. In Bear Form, has a 6 second cooldown, and costs 15 rage.
    • Skull Bash: Costs 15 energy or 10 rage, depending on form, and has a 15 second cooldown. The current talent calculator says that it has a 10 second cooldown, but that is a mistake. It is 15 seconds like most other interrupts are now.
    • Stampeding Roar: Costs 30 energy or 15 rage, depending on form.
    • Faerie Fire: Has a 6 second cooldown when used in Cat or Bear Form.

    Mage (Forums / Talent Calculator)
    Does Arcane Charge have a duration?
    Yes. It is currently 8 seconds. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Rogue (Forums / Talent Calculator)
    Rogue Changes
    This sounds like Combat Maces all over again.
    Your feedback is appreciated. We'll be keeping an eye on how this ability pans out, just as we will with all the upcoming changes. That said, I'm not sure that mace stun and Paralytic Poison is an apples to apples comparison.

    One of the things that made Mace stun so vicious is that it simply happened. You could make brief contact with an enemy and get a lucky, sometimes clutch, proc. At the time, Stormherald was floating around amongst warriors which only exacerbated the issue. That's important context for the purposes of this comparison. Sure, chance plays a role (only in that each stack has a percentage chance to proc) but I don't think it's as much of a factor with Paralytic as it was with Mace Stun.

    Consider that poisons are dispellable, and you need five stack of Paralytic to get a stun off. It seems reasonably likely that the Paralytic stun will have a different dynamic in PvP than Mace Stun had. If your target is dropping stacks or you aren't able to make consistent enough contact to get stacks on faster than they drop off you may have some trouble getting the stun to land. It will also introduce the dynamic of trying to 'plan' your kidney shots around your Paralytic, so you aren't overlapping stuns.

    Also, all of that aside, taking a talent in Mists of Pandara means that you're making trade-offs that you weren't making by taking Mace Spec in Burning Crusade.

    On a side-note, I noticed some other, non-poison/shiv related questions in this thread. Please stay on topic guys. I know that it's tempting to jump all over the map (I've done it), but it's best to stay focused. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Fan Art
    The World of Warcraft Fan Art Section has been updated with five new pieces of fan artwork.

    Diablo 3 Contests - 450 Beta Key
    As some of you might know I'm also in charge of these days. We currently have 3 different contests running for a chance to win a Diablo 3 Beta Key!

    • Forum Posts: Once or twice a day, we will select 10 random users with good posts every day to receive beta keys.
    • Facebook: At random times, we will post a trivia question from the Diablo universe. The first 5 people to answer correctly will receive beta keys!
    • Twitter: Just like the Facebook contest, the 5 fastest people to answer a trivia question will receive beta keys.

    We also have a 4th contest that will start a little later and will require you to post a Diablo 3 character build of your choice in the contest thread on the forums.

    For more details check the contest thread on Diablofans and if you don't want to miss the questions on Facebook and Twitter feel free to follow Diablofans over there, you will have to be very fast if you want to win a key!

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    I guess we'll need a new 64-bit client as well to work with this new patch.

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    Change log for that patch?

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    maybe epic gems for everyone and proffesion changes

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    The thing bugging me is, Trash useable in Cat form since when? or did blizz just copy and paste from the previous line?^^

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    I am Murloc! Baiyn's Avatar
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    Gods, I love that fanart piece of Sylvanas and the Valk'yr behind her!

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    Stood in the Fire The Last DJ's Avatar
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    Every time someone draws a sexified Sylvanas or Dark Ranger I kinda hork in my mouth a little. She's dead, dudes. Really most sincerely dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Last DJ View Post
    Every time someone draws a sexified Sylvanas or Dark Ranger I kinda hork in my mouth a little. She's dead, dudes. Really most sincerely dead.
    what you got against dead people? you racist against dead people or something?
    who the fuck wrapped my dick in bacon?

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    15 sec interrupt, that's gonna suck when doing old content like Nefarion and Halfus. With the number crunch they might not be faceroll.

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    i really don't get the overt sexualisation of sylvanas. she is a dead chick after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baiyn View Post
    Gods, I love that fanart piece of Sylvanas and the Valk'yr behind her!
    I second that. It's amazing.
    "Those mortal shells that we call bodies, are not ours to keep. The body is a gift of earth that must, one day, be returned from whence it came"

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    Wow that Sylvanas and the Valk'yr , so EPIC

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    Wohooooo, For the Dark Lady !!!

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    When will Boub learn that nobody likes giveaways that you have to do shit for.

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    hope blizz will actually learn that faeri fire needs a change for pvp, as it requires a rogue to blow 2 2min cd to stealth to a 6 sec cd ability, or atleast make the duration 8 sec like normal pvp abilites and have a 30 sec cd, as in pve its only a sunder witch last for 5 min.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhys View Post
    When will Boub learn that nobody likes giveaways that you have to do shit for.
    The point of the contest is to draw attention to the sister site. It's not a charity.

    Serious amount of Sylvanas fanart apparently. Maybe necrophilia is on the verge of being socially acceptable, soon... when the stars are right....
    Warlocks are what FDR was talking about
    Quote Originally Posted by OldHordeGlory View Post
    Customer: Um, no thanks.

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    Blizzard really do like to lose money, which is what they will do when they release MoP.
    Rogue is no more after MoP, at least that's a certainty considering where they are going with the changes..

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    WTF anatomy on that first Sylvanas pic - especially her breasts which appear to be migrating to her armpits. WTF traced face from photo on the last one. :/ Sadly not the first time Blizz have posted traced art in the fan art gallery.

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    I hope they buff JC in this patch

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    I just noticed that feathers look very good on armor /Tier sets...too bad there are so few. Fur would propably look good as well.

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