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    Discipline for Spine of Deathwing

    Usually I play Shadow, but I've started going Disc for Heroic Morchok, Normal Zon'ozz and Normal Spine. I understand that Discipline isn't great for Spine because it's a little lacking on actual throughput, but I was wondering what the best way to Heal this fight is. We're not really having problems with the fight at all, but I'd rather better myself so I don't feel like I'm being carried by our two Main Specc healers.

    A second question, at the moment I have t12n gloves and t12h legs, for the 2pc. Would it be worth sacrificing the 2pc bonus for the Valour Point gloves?

    Edit: Oh, and no, I don't have logs of the fight.

    Edit2: Armoury link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...aenum/advanced
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    Our 3rd healer is going to be a disc for this fight as well, I feel your pain. I've been thinking about this some but we haven't had a chance to test it.

    For warmaster pre-shielding is so valuable, I understand the high spi mst build. But on spine, mastery stacking just shouldn't be that great. In terms of raw healing throughput for debuffs you'll probably want a hst>crit itemization. Also I know spirit values very high for long fights but with 3.7k spirit after expansive mind stacks up I doubt you'll be able to dump all your mana. When you're chaining single target heals, the only way you can actually dump faster is with FH, and the HPS gain over GH is really pretty small (half the burst of FH comes from SoS). IE, spirit only actually gets you something if you don't have to spend a long time FH'ing to use all your mana.

    Overall I think it's an OK arrangement, if the disc priest takes sole responsibility for tank healing. You won't get rid of that feeling that you're being carried, but by being sole tank healer you actually significantly improve the healing throughput of your other 2 healers. Maybe try and see if you can escape with an SoS spec for warmaster? That'd validate your role a bit better for spine. You could even keep the MST build that way, and place shields on every person with aggro+debuff (or grip) throughout the fight.

    Just some vague thoughts, I haven't figured this out. We aren't even on warmaster yet. Someone else probably has better input for you.
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    There's nothing wrong with being carried as a healer as long as it results in a boss kill.

    But if you insist on stroking your epeen. Penance -> GH on debuff targets, PWS/PoM on tanks and Spam PoH/PWS on nukes (normal spine 10m)

    Also I know Vuhdo (healing addon) has an option to show debuff size, so you can quickly swap to new targets when the target is about to lose the debuff that's something to consider if you ain't already using it.
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    I run as Disc/Shadow and do Spine as Discipline all the time without issues. Our straight up healing may not be at the same level as other healers but we have other ways to serve on Spine that work out quite well. For one; we can shield any player with the healing debuff to ensure that they aren't taking too much additional damage while waiting to be topped off. For seconds if you specced into Power Infusion (and I can't imagine you haven't) you can give a strong DPS a mini-heroism during one of the Tendrils to ensure you're breaking it in time.

    In terms of how to heal it treat the Spine like Triage. Your primary focus will be the tank but you'll want to spread shields to at least a few players with the healing debuff. A shield on the Fiery Grip target is also advisable. Once your Amaglamation is at 9 stacks if your single-target heals aren't keeping pace (because the pulse damage is taking too long) switch to PoH.

    I save my Barrier for the 3rd plate but you could use it on Plate #1 and still have it refresh in time; I just don't have a need to use it on Plate #1. Save your Pain Sup. for any of those interstitial periods where the tank is gathering up multiple amalgamations before you flip Deathwing, and use Power Infusion carefully either on yourself (or another healer) for extra heals or on DPS during a Tendon phase to aid in breaking a Tendon quickly.

    Running alongside a Holy Priest and a Holy Paladin I pull about 8 mil in Healing at 12960.4 HPS(e) according to our latest WoL. Comparatively the other two healers are pulling 10 and 13 million in healing with 15.8k and 17k HPS(e) respectively; both with higher Overhealing.

    In all likelihood if you've yet to get a Spine kill yet your only real issues are growing comfortable with the fight and how the pace of healing flows. Get that down and the fight itself becomes routine fairly quickly.

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    My guild usually two heals spine normal with Disc and Druid mainly due to the fact that our off spec healers are way more useful as dps instead of in their off specs.

    If the fight is handled correctly the tank/s shouldn't need that much healing, we usually wait with the ooze / large add till there is enough of them dead so as to get all 9 stacks at one time this way the tank should only be taking minor damage up till that point which gives both healers a bit more of a relaxed time trying to remove the debuff.

    As for the debuff we usually focus our healing on prio targets mainly removing it from the main tank ( does the MT even get the debuff I can't remember if they do ) and the dps hording the oozes first, after that we try focus on the person who has had it the longest, it works out pretty well with usually only 3 debuffs up at any one time.

    As for how I do it as a Disc priest, I mainly use Greater heals for debuff removal along with penance, mending, a bit of atonement while getting the adds health down and some PoH purely for some DA buffers. I also try to make sure to use a penance after the debuff comes off a player if they are not at full health because it's highly likely they will get a new one right away so it's very important to get them back to full asap. As for shielding there is really no need to go all out with shields other then placing it on the gripped targets, tanks, and low health people because the damage incoming is usually very minor.

    Other then that keep an eye on your mana as spamming Greater heals tends to drain it quickly or well it does for me and I have around 2500 spirit with that trinket stacked.

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    Idd that tank doesn't need much healing except the moments just after you pick up the 9 bloods. PW:Shield plus whatever AoE he gets is more than enough in between.

    What i do is basically (I heal this together with a druid)
    -Keep shield on tank (also for rapture)
    -Penance + Gheal debuffed targets <--- This is what you'll do for the majority of the fight
    -PW:Shield low health and debuffed targets when you're going for the roll or during blasts.

    Talk to your other healer about when to use cooldowns (we tranq the first roll, bubble the second and tranq/hymn the third)

    Are you the third healer btw, or how does this work? :P

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    If you run with 3 healers on spine i suggest the following;
    Use tranq/hymn/bubble on the rolls
    Shield the targets from grip especially when they have the debuff.
    Depending on your spirit (i run with 2500, not more) either heal with heal or gheal the debuffs.
    If someone takes dmg and has the debuff PoM is your ultimate choice.
    On barrel roll you could shield some targets that dont have aggro just for some rapture procs

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    We did 2 healing last time, me disc and a druid healer.
    We have a Ele shaman and a Enh shaman, both placing rains on times there isnt much damage to deal.

    Shield the ones with debuff + GHeal is easy to clear the debuffs specially when ur crit heavy.
    Together with ArchAngel buff u can clear the debuff pretty fast and heal the tank when u Smite/HF the add.

    Sure we can have the ele shaman go resto as thats his offspec but i like to 2 heal as often as possible to keep us entertained.
    2 healing everything in Normals now, and due to some IRL issues we get to work on HM's now.

    What we do on the rolls,
    Tranq is easy mode on 1st roll, Barrier + glyph + Wings (engi gloves) is easy healing before the 2nd roll when the amalgamation has 9 stacks. Wings + Divine Hymn is easy mode on 2nd roll. Before the 3rd Roll u have Wings (engi gloves) + PI to heal everything up fast the druid goes tree from and we pop hero. Tranq is back on the 3rd roll and Barrier is back when the last amalgamation reaches 9 stacks for easy healing and give PI to the Caster in the group and u can loot.
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