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    what would you do if you caght a terrorist?

    My friend ask me this unusual and odd question..........if i caught a terrorist i would do this and i told him this

    Is would be a me as "Mr America vs Saddam" and is would be a wwe cage match and that i would let him run around and bitch slap him a little and then i turn the juice up i would spear him 3 times and while he knock out i would sneak in handcuff and drag is ass over to one side and handcuff it to the cage and then i would have a chair and i line him up an aim the chair to his face and then i run to the other side and baseball slide into his face with the chair and the crowd is going nuts and with his face soak in blood and semi unconscious i will do another baseball side and then i will uncuff him and drag his ass into the center of the ring and powerbomb him with authority and is would be.........1.......2..........3

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    Not much (if any) discussion could be had here.

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