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    I'm just going to paste something that I wrote down a long time ago.

    She should be herself...

    And hopefully that means she's: funny, intelligent, caring, sincere, honest, thoughtful, kind, innovative, able to handle conflicts, verbally talented, sexy, knows where she stands, understands me, she knows what she wants and how to get it, respectful, not ashamed of who she is, she doesn't feel the need to, by excessive use of makeup or provocative clothing, make sure people see her, because she receives attention through her other characteristics anyways. In other words she should appeal to me physically as well as intellectually and she should be a challenge, yet not act any more difficult than she really is.

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    All I want is a decent looking woman that's in good shape, and who's just as HORNY as I am.

    I've starting to think she doesn't exist.

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