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    How many transmog sets do you have/are working on?

    I'm working on three sets right now and find it very fun to collect unique looks.

    Scarlet Crusade set - only missing the chest piece, will be using herod shoulders and got a dog from library to finish the look. Also will use a regular wooden bow transmog lol.

    Giant Stalker set- barely any pieces, but will be using core marksman rifle transmog when its comeplete

    Dragonstalker - missing couple pieces and will be using dragon breath hand cannon from bwl with this set.

    Anyone got some unique sets they are working on?

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    edit: this is hunter forums >.>
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    > Complete <

    > Incomplete <

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    Too many. Cbf finding pictures of all the sets. Tier 4, 5, 6, 10 25man heroic, 11, 12, 13, deadly gladiators, brutal gladiators, ruthless gladiators, and all of the off set pieces that you can pick up from Karazhan. It's a full set that nobody really associates with hunters. Will post a pic of the set later if I get time.

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    I currently have three.

    Shaman t5 lookalike w/ Crown of Destruction, Hellreaver and Recoilless Rocket Ripper
    Mashup of t5 (all but chest) with t8 chest, mechanized snow goggles, and Raid Finder Vishanka+Kiril
    My "Felglow" set, albeit missing the proper chest off Yogg25, which is what I currently have equipped.
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    Are you really interested to know how many Transmorg sets people have or are you just trying to get people to post links? Theres already a Transmorg thread...


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    already running 3-4 mog sets per char, love/hate that blizz added it into the game, although at least my packrat habits have some use now

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    I've always wanted to disguise myself as a Shaman, hehe.
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    I have almost a full heroic T12 shaman set built, basically because our shaman rolls his eyes at the stuff every time it drops. Got the chest, shoulders, hands, heroic crown off Rag...don't really need anything else. Hunters in dresses ftw.

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    I have five and dont work on any more:
    pvp: i have the correct gloves, but i need t13 2p for pvp =)


    not on use:

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    I have one. I want one more, but I cant really be arsed to go and get it D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonBeMerkin View Post
    Are you really interested to know how many Transmorg sets people have or are you just trying to get people to post links? Theres already a Transmorg thread...

    I am generally interested, did you feel the need to enter this thread just to type that out

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    None and none. Not really into the transmorg stuff.

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    Am I the only grammar nazi on here that gets annoyed when people type transMORG?

    OT: I am working on one set. T2 recolor from TBC 5 man dungeons. Ran them all 60+ times and have yet to see a single piece of it.

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    Haha maybe you are just running the wrong dungeon and didn't notice for a long time? Would be weird if Hunter pieces have such low drop rates in dungeons even

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    I'm using AQ40 Tier 2.5 set, i like it a lot. I also have giantstalker, highwarlords, dragonstalker, tier 6, tier 10, s9 elite (black), oh and the purple horde pvp 60 set.
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    The red mail set from old ZA/JP, with Hellion Glaive and Merciless Gladiator's xbow.
    Shammy t6 lookalike from BT, with Black Ice and Ironfeather Longbow.
    Gladiator's set with Lotrafen and Merciless Gladiator's xbow.
    tier 5 complete set with Dark Edge of Depravity and Ironfeather Longbow.
    Shammy t12 lookalike with t13 helm, using Siren's Cry and Lotrafen. (Currently rockin this set )
    Ornate mail set, with Lightning Crown helm, using Barrel Blade Longrifle and Dark Edge of Depravity.
    Battleforge set with the mail helm from FL Ragnaros, using Merciless Gladiator's longbow and lotrafen.
    AQ40 striker's set, with Black Ice and H Lady D 25 bow (name escapes me!)
    t1 complete set, t2 complete set, and t6 through t12 pretty much heh. Yes, my void storage is full. Yes my bank is full. My bags are also about to bust from carrying all this junk around!

    Working on the shammy t8 lookalike set from Ulduar 25, and the shammy lookalike from normal DS.

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