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    Fire in the deep question.

    Hello, im about to buy my 1st valor piece of 4.3 and im just wondering if i should get Fire in the deep first.

    This is my armory.. please suggest a better item to get first.


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    There are no cloak drops and i think there are no non-spirit neck drops in all of ds. So cloak is BiS if you still running LFR

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    You're so far off ctc and running 2 stamina trinkets, definitely replace soulshifter vortex with it, cloak is meh for first buy imo

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    I bought it first, but it was a HUGE upgrade for me. I always buy accessories first and pray for raid drops for the sets.

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    Fire of the Deep is an extremely good trinket, made even more so because it's easy to get.
    Like someone else mentioned, you're nowhere near the CTC cap yet you're running double stam trinkets.
    You should definitely drop one in favor of the mastery trinket. The on-use dodge is also very handy.
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