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    Spine heroic smite macro?

    I've tryed to grasp the concept of macros but generally i fail at em, but i'm wondering if it would be possible to make a macro for smite, that will smite your current target, but if a tendon is up it will target and smite the tendon instead?

    Hope there are some macro experts out there

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    Wouldn't it be enough to just put /tar Burning Tendon before the /cast(sequence?) line?

    Don't think you can do it without actually changing target... Maybe it'd work if you assist your focus or something?
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    It would be something like this

    #showtooltip Smite
    /target Burning Tendon
    /cast Smite

    It will smite the tendon and return to w/e target you had last, friend or foe. It'll do the target change so fast you won't even be able to notice your target was changed.

    If you wanted to try it out to make sure it works (I already did, but you don't have to take my word for it) you could just substitute training dummy in for burning tendon, target yourself and try to cast smite near a training dummy.

    Of course I just realized you were asking for 1 button for both targets...this one would require you to have two smite buttons, one for your current and one for the tendon. I'll mess around with some macros and see if I can't figure it out.

    Just did some testing, if there isn't a Burning Tendon to switch to, this macro will actually smite your current target.

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    To make things easier, you could just focus a dps and use this one

    #showtooltip Smite
    /cast [@focustarget, harm] Smite, Smite

    If your focus has a enemy targeted, it will smite that one, if not, it will smite your current target. I would assume your dps should be attacking the correct things, so it should work if thats the case!
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    This should work:

    #showtooltip Smite
    /target [nodead] Burning Tendon
    /cast Smite

    If there's a Burning Tendon alive, it will target it and cast Smite. If there's no Tendon up, it will just Smite your current target. Have only done very limited testing on it, so can't guarantee it'll work, but it has worked in all the tests I've done.

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    ty for the feedback will test them out tonight on spine

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    /cast [target=burning tendon, nodead, exists][target=target] smite

    This will make you smite your target, and if a tendon is up, smite that, even if youre targetting another enemy mob.
    U can change "target=" to that "funny A letter", i just coundnt cuz this stupid forum thinks Im posting an image or something.

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    cwnannwn has the right idea, using the [nodead, exists] syntax, but honestly, if you ask me, you're better off with the focus target method that Arentius suggested --- this way, the macro is universal.
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