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    need help making a pve hybrid spec

    Hewwo this is my first post in the priest forums anyways I run a raid guild and quite often I kinda catch myself thinking "you know we really only need 2 healers...but if i had a disc priest with atonement and he just smited that'd make things a lot easier on the healers" currently our dps is pretty good but there's a few fights where i'd like to have a little dps as well as ease the pressure on my healers soooo my request is advice on how I would spec/reforge a disc priest for that. mainly just holy fire and smite maybe toss a shield and prayer of mending here and there but mainly just atonement, i've done a few lfr's on my low geared priest and can still pull 9-10k hps with atonement. Should I still keep my spirit so high? Maybe stack crit for bigger heals? Haste seems kinda silly since the cast is so fast anyways but that could be a option. I just don't want to go oom in a 7-8 minute fight with my holy fires and smites so I'd like to keep a good balance. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance

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    Using attonement in the way you describe isn't really viable. Your numbers (dps and heal) would simply be too low.
    Better to provide good heals with some dps (which is how attonement is "supposed" to be used) or good dps with some heals (shadow).

    Just go with a more standard attonement spec AND shadow and just change as needed.
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    I agree with the above poster, however with good gear you can still do around 20k DPS as Atonement. (with dps trinkets)
    I'd take talents in SWP, Haste obv, and then your stats for atonement DPS are probably going to be Haste and Crit
    It is worth it to throw up DP and SWP, especially SWP if talented. Try to refresh it when holy fire isn't on the target but is still on cooldown.
    (I've tried simming this, but SimC just thinks I want healing numbers, not sure how to override that setting?)

    Penance does damage but I would save it for "Oh shit that guy's gonna die".

    I only really use atonement DPS for 5mans.

    EDIT: That 20k, to be fair, is with legendary equipped.
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    Well using the above post as example let's say yeah you're pulling 20k dps as atonement, that'd be around 15k+ hps right? Not counting swp towards heals of course, which while not awe inspiring would be a great help on fights where it's a mixture of healer strain and dps race, using fights like madness and ultraxion where you want to go 2 heals but having a person "expecially ultraxion" in that disc spec could be extremely useful. Remember I'm not trying to take the place of a healer or a dps, just trying to find that perfect blend in groups that could use a little more heals without sacrificing much dps.

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    Wonder if reflective should could be worth it or if a pure nuke spec is just way ahead :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heap View Post
    Wonder if reflective should could be worth it or if a pure nuke spec is just way ahead :P
    I don't think it works in PvE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heap View Post
    Wonder if reflective should could be worth it or if a pure nuke spec is just way ahead :P
    Reflective shield only works if you are taking direct damage via tanking a mob. It doesn't proc from indirect aoe spells etc.

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    The only way to be viable as both a healer and dps with atonement would be DPS trinkets
    Personally I prefer 2 man healing everything except spine.
    Ive had my best experiences with resto shamans while me being a disc priest.
    When i focussed on being a healer i changed my os from shadow to holy and now its pvp disc....
    Disc is simply amazing except on pugs 2 man heal Madness there is simply not enough mana available if you run with less then 2500 spirit and the spine trinket..

    I suggest the fights that your raidleader calls for 3 healers but you think 2 would be fine you do the following;
    DPS trinkets go with the haste one from VP and anything else youve been managed to pick up that preferrably procs haste or crit.
    Mastery is not a desired stat as an atonement priest so your gear should mainly have Haste and Crit anyway

    When some burst dps is needed (ooze maybe, but blistering for sure) you might use MS and MB wich nets abit more dps then smite but it doesnt heal and your raid takes alot of dmg then.

    It all depends on the other healers and the general quality of your raid.
    Ive been with a group that one shotted every boss in there and we had a amazing leader who called out every Healing cd but ive also been with groups that simple get hit by tentacle's or where the ranged dps kills closest blisterings first leaving the far ones for last or being to close to impacts of bolts...

    If your 100% sure your healers can manage and your raidleader calls for a 3rd healer you might wanna chat with the healers and go shadow that way the healers know ur not helping and you can prove the raidleader wrong... If they fail it might get you booted tho
    2 healers cant outheal stupidity or human error. 3 healers can do that sometimes

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    Well dps trinkets for Smite priest, Seal and the Haste proc of damage trinket can work as well.
    Both proccing of Smiting.

    Madness pugging is often an hell if they go 2 heal, but disc 2 healing madness is great i did it with a shaman.
    Its harder with a Druid i must say as u do miss Mana Tide and shamans can easily generate mana with there damage to mana skill when DW is casting cataclysm. They get massive amouns of mana than so Mana tide is purely used for me.

    I run with 1600 spirit and spine trinket, just keep Rapture rolling use AA on CD use hymn of Hope early so u can use it again on last platform.
    Keep PI for ur self on all platforms cept 4th if dps is low. I go in phase 2 with 50% mana or more and with fiend nearly off CD which i can use when we use hero. I do use Concentration mana pot @ start platform 4.

    U can 2 heal everything on normal, i do so with a druid (as disc) cept on madness and i still do around 1 mil damage on average and have AA each 30sec. Its harder too 2 heal when DPS does take damage they shouldn't or when people don't hug that well on Red Oozes.
    If that's the case, u shouldn't talk to ur healers but ur raidleader. With the Debuff on all the trash and bosses there's even less need for 3 healing.

    As for mana issues as smite only spec.
    U will have issues, just keep rapture running and u get a long way.
    When i run LFR, i stack my spine trinket on Groups with Pets (getting extra stacks per pet) and PoM / Shield the tank and smite away.
    Refresh Spine trinket with PW:S and PoM and when u jump platforms cast a Renew on ur self or someone.

    U will get oom as smite if u dont get raptures.
    If i go out full out on ultraxion as smite im around 15k till i need to cast a few PoH's and PW:S / PoM on CD.

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    for me, it sounds like a horrid idea :/

    disc priest spamming just atonement wont do even full 1/3 of a proper dps in same gear lvl.
    can you even outdmg the tank (proper geared tank knowing how to play i mean) with hf/smites? someone mentioned u can pull 20k dps with atonement with legendary, i checked our logs and see our tank pulling almost 25k dps (feral).

    only fight when i thought that my smiting did matter was ultraxion hc when we were progressing on it (i dont even bother going smiting there now, i just do the fight with spec i have currently active, a kill is a kill >.>) but then i was the second healer, not third, and at the end my % of total dmg done to boss was like 2,5-3%.

    if fight requires 3 healers go with 3 healers, if fight can be done with 2 healers, you can experiment with 2 healers and a smiting disc, but id just go with 2 healers and a proper dps.

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