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    New Discipline Healer


    My main is a restoration shaman, and I power leveled a priest healer for a friends casual 10man guild and hit 85 8 days ago. Their healing team usually consists of a holy priest and either a restoration shaman or druid along with my priest. I average 11-14k effective hps (healing+absorbs) on most fights, and they do not have a warlock for DI. I just want to make sure I'm gearing correctly for a mastery atonement build. Replacing the crafted shoulders asap and changing my gems to 40int where applicable.

    I usually use PI ~1 minute into the fight so that it is back up late in the fight/after heroism unless I need it save it for PoH spam during heavy AE phases (warlord/ultraxion). I smite/holy fire during low damage phases to build evangelism and try to time AA with the AE phases unless I need mana. Forgot to run logs for this past weeks kills.

    Any tips would be appreciated.
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    Remove surge of light and Veiled shadows, use the points in either Strenght of soul, Inspiration (less valuable with a shaman arround) or Darkness.

    Looks alright. Swap Penance for barrier on AoE heavy fights where you stack up a lot.

    Mastery heavy doesn't really make sense for your build imo. Mastery builds usually include Strenght of Soul with a lot of bubble spamming and mostly no attonement.
    Personally i'd recommend a Haste > crit > mastery or haste > crit = mastery build for you. It mostly comes down to playstyle and personal preference though. You never said what your "role" is if you have one

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    They don't have traditional healing assignments as in Shammy on MT, Disc OT holy on raid. Closest they have is asked me to keep an eye on the tanks and assist with AE heals. I usually keep pw:s up on whoever currently has aggro and just use atonement to spot heal since witg 5x evangelism it costs less than heal, usibg penance to keep grace up on the tank.
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    Parts of this thread make me laugh, other parts make me lose faith in humanity.

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    i wouldnt pass on mental agility, and doubt there is much use for sos in atonement spec for someone who is learning to play discipline.
    as for veiled shadows - if you use fiend twice per fight and if you need to use it, you may keep those talents for now.
    surge of light - get rid of it

    you dont really go mastery heavy for smites-spec. haste seems better for that.

    if you want to rely more on shields and run with high mastery, then consider sos spec with mental agility 3/3.
    actually i really recommend trying to run without atonement spec for a week or two, and get more familiar with other spells you have, like greater heal.

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    Alright, I'll try moving my talents around.
    in regaurds to stats; any recommendations/criticisms for how my stats are? Spirit mainly, I'll be reforging to see how having higher haste than mastery effects my healing.
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    Parts of this thread make me laugh, other parts make me lose faith in humanity.

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    2500 Spirit and Spine Trinket would be fairly optimal.
    After that focus on haste & Crit.
    Ill give you a quick example for how i run bosses but im terrible with names so sorry for that;
    Ooze Boss; Precast greater heals on Tank and swap to when you have a nice aegis stacked. Right before pull PWS and PoM
    I fire up Power infusion and spam Smite. Tank wont die even if i dont use any other spell (unless your tank is a full green geared just dinged char)
    Theres 2 options here depending on your raid dps. Either the tank stays on boss or goes ooze. You follow the tank but shield him during the target swap. If he stays on boss you keep spamming smite.
    If there will be alot of dmg you pick 3 targets and precast (overheal) PoH for Divine aegis you should use wings and your freecast/crit CD. If their is adds you shield the targets and proceed in your Smite spamming but make sure you heal the tank abit more from this point on. When heavy healing is needed just spam PoM/PoH Aoe the adds with Holy nova if you have enough mana.

    Ultrax -> On ultrax I spam Smite untill the first HoT the other healer can heal the extra dmg but you dont want to do this after HoT since you dont want him to go oom...
    Me being the main healer mostly taking the first and last crystal. Spamming PoM/PoH generally does the trick. Throwing some shields around on targets that stay in the realm helps on your mana pool if needed. If someone blasts major CD's and everyone topped up go back to smite spam obviously with Power infusion.
    When the blue crystal spawns you go all out on PoH

    these examples are purely based on 2 healer setups in 3 healer setups you can spam smite the whole time and taking the blue crystal on ultrax will net in alot of extra dps if that is needed.

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    A Holy priest and Disc priest and u can 2 heal everything just fine.

    I 2 heal with a druid as disc, our assignments are, me on Mainly Tanks (only 2 tankable fights on norm are Ultraxion and Gunship) and assists raid healing and visa versa for the druid. We got an Elemental Shaman with Resto gear/spec which we abuse for HM's or Ultraxion/Gunship where the druid goes tank.

    Issues u might have with low gear is with Zon'Ozz and spine healing wise if u 2 heal stuff so 3 heal them till u geared.

    My ratings for haste crit and mastery are all around 1400 all balanced and it works out great, running with 1600 spirit + spine trinket = 2400 spirit fully stacked. As for spec, i like surge of light i get alot of procs from my playstyle, got one point in SoS as thats enough for me to clear weakend soul with out missing rapture procs. The debuff gives crit % as well so its not bad with 1 point in SoS.

    Use PI early on every fight or give it to a caster if u can survive with ur mana pool. On ultraxion if u have arcane mage give it to him/her when Arcane Power buff is gone or to the Fire mage to give him a more hasted Combustion or more haste to build up Ignite with lucky crits.

    U have to survive with mana till u get blue buff which is around 3:30 mins, i can smite all the way up till green after green i need to cast a few PoH's (reminder: Green buff doesnt proc off atonement heals so dont take it as disc). When blue comes spam HF's/Smite till u can if ur dps is good u prolly have him down before u need to spam PoH with blue.
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    I run at 12.5% haste, 13.4% crit, just under 2900 spirit, and 11.2 mastery unbuffed.
    The majority of my healing done is usually Prayer of Healing, Divine Aegis, and Attonement in that order on the fights I'm not Shadow.
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    Parts of this thread make me laugh, other parts make me lose faith in humanity.

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    I two heal with a resto druid or holy pally in 10m normal modes. I run AA/A and I prefer Haste>Crit>Mastery when it comes to secondary stats. I've reforged out of spirit to around 1960 and I have the RF version of Heart of Unliving. I feel Haste/Crit benefits me most due to heavy use of PoH. Your goal should be to figure out how you like to heal as disc and tailor your gear/spec around that playstyle. As suggested above if you prefer to stack mastery and like to bubble you may want to try out a SoS spec.

    In fact, since this is your first go round on the priest you SHOULD switch over to a SoS spec. You'll familiarize yourself with the toolkit much quicker that way and you can always switch back to AA/A with a strong command of the spec overall. Hell, you may even want to switch mains! Ask yourself what's better - Your Greater Healing Wave crits on your tank for 100k with 30k overhealing or your Greater Healer crits for 80K with 10k overhealing and a 40k shield!

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