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    Well I haven't played my Rangers in ages, Mel but I just thought that build looked interesting. Maybe it's not new but anyway.

    And yeah I agree with you about the clunkiness of the 1 skill on sword. It might be something that I can't get over when I try it.

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    I don't care if it's not new, what I care about is that people who deserve the credit don't get it. I don't recall who the person was that posted the first sw/w build on the official forums but now everyone will contribute it to DNT.

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    I'm just gonna throw my celestial build in this thread without any explanation on how it works because i was owning with it a few days ago and thought you guys may want to glance at it for inspiriation on how to do celestial builds.
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    Since my play style was gutted last patch i think i will jump on this band wagon...

    Looks like fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meledelion View Post
    Sadly the only "true" dps build is this one (or something similar anyway) where you focus heavily on auto-attacks.

    There's a couple of BM builds out there that work though but I personally don't like the playstyle, here's an example (only check traits, I didn't fix the rest).

    For actually using ranged weapons there's the clasic 30/30/x/0/x build put the last points on your prefered x, but I again don't like this. If you go with 30in marks you basically take the "signet of the beastmaster" trait which sucks imo since you don't want to activate most signets anyway. I personally prefer 25/30/0/0/15.
    All these builds are designed around the SB though since LB dmg is laughable.
    Is this still the 'thing to do' for rangers after the trait review?

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    The first line in the first link is:


    I usually dont go by theese guides anyways, I like to swap my weapons too much
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    Is close to what I use on my ranger in general. The one he links as "the new blablabla" is pretty suboptimal since you're forced to use a longbow for it which is a massive DPS loss.

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    No GS? I thought it was supposed to be good? O_o

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    GS is OK. It has very high burst damage thanks to Maul but the rest of the dps is pretty lackluster if you do a simple dmg*weapondmg calculation you get 493395 for sword vs 503847.5 for GS autoattacks. The difference is that sword (1.8s/rotation) attacks a lot faster than gs (2.5s/rotation) making sword(auto) do roughly 36%more dps.

    You can make that gap smaller by taking Two Handed Training (and by using maul ofc) but they are countered/outclassed by the second sigil.

    GS is good because it's a defensive weapon and isn't as annoying to work with as the sword. Evade into the auto-attack + counterattack + a very strong burst skill to sort of make-up the time you spent blocking. The problem is that you don't really need that defense.

    The longbow works in a very similar way. It has good burst (barrage+rapid fire combo) but it's normal attacks are kinda meh. If you know this and see those WvW clips of people advocating how zomg awesome gs/lb are because you can do 16k dmg in one attack you know that their build actually sucks...

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    I use Longbow just for the aesthetics really.

    I cannot stand 1h sword. I want to like it but I hate the 1 skill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doozerjun View Post
    I use Longbow just for the aesthetics really.
    I cannot stand 1h sword. I want to like it but I hate the 1 skill.
    Yeah, it's just a rather large frustration by now that people like to throw out LB builds (which would be better with SB) and say ZOMG LOOK AT THE DMG SO GOOD! while it is burst.
    It was sort of a digg at nobody in particular about how good the weapon is

    I agree that the SW is the most bothersome weapon out there and that a-net should fix it but I manage.

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    What's wrong with sword #1? I don't think I've used sword at all beyond unlocking the skills.

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    it locks you into the animations. So if you try to dodge, it won't do that.

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    Sooo, the new heal skill Water Spirit. I tried it the other day and I don't know if maybe I am missing something but it feels subpar when compared to Healing Spring. It seems super straight forward, you spawn the Spirit and tell it to heal when needed. It can take damage and die like the others. Is there a "best use" for this or just something not worth bothering with?

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    First off some math to compare the two:
    Healing spring heal (pet/you) 4.9k + regen 2.3k = 7.2k (the regen heals friendlies too)
    An important thing to remember is that you can use blast and leap finishers in HS to heal more.
    Water spirit heal (pet/you) 3.8k + .7(traited)*805 per hit = 4.3K if you hit one time traited and 4.1k untraited
    If you want to make the comparison fair you have to do attacks/second * 10s(HS uptime) * 805 * % (since you don't want to use the active)
    => SB = 2 APS, SW = 1.7APS, GS = 1.2 APS, LB = 1APS, Ax = 1APS
    Traited => SB = 0.7*20*805 = 11.3K, SW = 9.6k, GS = 6.8k, LB/Axe = 5.6K
    Untraited => SB = 0.35*20*805 = 5.6K, SW = 4.8k, GS = 3.4k, LB/Axe = 2.8K

    It's obvious that not using the traited version is a bad idea since all weapons heal for less than just using HS.
    For weapons it's the same thing, if you're not using SB/SW it's simply not worth it.

    It greatly depends on what content you're doing and how you're doing it, in most scenarios healing spring>spirit, the exception is dungeon groups where people play in melee (most of the time).

    Open World Content:
    Let's say you're just leveling, completing hearts,... Chances are high you'll get conditions and need a cleanse, you have several ways of doing this some more costly than others (trait, signet, pet, healing spring, racial (human)) the best pick is clearly HS since you don't really sacrifice anything.
    Furthermore your spirit(s) will not avoid AoE damage since the 5target limit of AoE doesn't count = no spirit, no heals

    Again the strength is the condition removal, you can stand in HS and just keep cleansing for 10s (this works nearly as well as the stance from warriors to keep conditions off)

    This is where things change, DPS matters, if you really need condition removal you pop on HS but most guards can deal with conditions (and you probably have a guard with you) or a mes with null field. So the basic strong point from the other two aspects is totally negated. As for pure healing output it's obvious that Water Spirit is better for the party since the healing from HS is only regen (2.3k) which gets beaten by all weapons. Add to this that Water Spirit makes it so your party doesn't need to use their heal skill and can just keep attacking (greatly increasing DPS) and you see the clear favorite.
    (again some simple math, if everyone aside from you does 10K DPS and a heal skill takes 1s to cast you increase party DPS by 40k!)

    TLDR: It depends
    1. Traited spirit => good
    2. Using SB/SW => good
    3. Dungeons => good
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    Ah the fact I was messing with it doing Guild Missions probably affected that then. I'll give it a try in dungeons tonight and see it feels better. And yea, I have a set group I do dungeons with and we always have a guardian and mesmer, so yea the condition removal part of HS was really sort of moot most of the time.

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    I glossed over this but, you want to save the active part for when you're into heavy troubles. Being at 70% HP isn't really a threat most of the time so just let the passive do it's job.
    In most cases, I understand the other side's viewpoint and how they came to it, but cannot tolerate their stubbornness to not see mine (the right one).

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    Update: Water Spirit's passive is on a 10s CD (I thought it was the aura being applied not the aura's proc, like spirit of frost).

    This changes the math a lot:
    805 * % is all that's needed to compare them (over 10s) so that's 563 or 281.
    I made another error in that the healing time of healing spring isn't 10s, it's 16s for the regen.

    563/10 = 56.3 HPS (or 28.1) VS 143.8HPS for HS(regen)

    Do note, that the difference is easily made up by the duration of WS 56.3*6 (spirit lasts 60s) 337.8>287.6 (but you have to cast again).

    Now it's more of a preference thing: do you want a higher burst heal (safer) and say it doesn't matter if it's not needed by team? Or do you want to make sure that when someone needs healing they will get (marginal) heals?

    What can be said for certain is that it's rubbish untraited!
    In most cases, I understand the other side's viewpoint and how they came to it, but cannot tolerate their stubbornness to not see mine (the right one).

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