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    Funny moments from HS

    Thanks to some trade chat conversation I was remenicising about some of my HS moments that made me laugh my ass off when thinking back about them.


    I was sitting in a math class, it was a small math class. About half a foot from the front row of desks was the teachers desk. I was sitting in the second row and in front of me was one of the hottest chicks that I went to HS with. She kinda looked a bit like Marsha Brady but hotter.

    While the teacher is giving her lesson, Marsha proceeds to stand up in her desk, lean over her desk and grab something off the teachers desk. Doing so results in her thong popping out the top of her cute, tight little gray sweat pants. It was a nice sight to view and not something I was going to complain about. Then, behind me, one of my buddies was sitting there makes this groaning/moaning noise that is just loud enough for me to hear.

    I lost it, I busted out laughing like I was retarded. Everyone is staring at me wondering what is wrong with me. After a couple of seconds the teacher finally asks me what is so funny. I cannot answer without totally embaressing "Marsha" and simlpy being questioned only results in me laughing like more of an idiot. Finally the teacher booted me from the classroom until I could calm down/


    I was sitting in an English class and my absolute best friend was in this class. One of the few we actually had together. The teacher made a big mistake. She allowed us to choose our own seats and me and my buddy sat in the same row.

    We always were whispering to each other and she finally got sick of it so she made me move 1 desk back so there was a desk in between us.

    This was mistake number two because the desk between the two of us needed a serious treatment of WD-40 and the legs were slightly uneven. As a result, when you slowly pushed the chair, it would make a creaking sound that you would expect a spring bed to make with two people banging.

    What would then happen is I would make it sound like someone getting freaky on a spring bed which would cause my buddy to laugh his ass off but he would try as hard as he could to not laugh out loud by putting his head down. The sight of him laughing like an idiot with his head down would essentially cause a contagious laugh and I would need to put my head down in order to avoid laughing my ass off.

    At this time, he would collect himself, turn around and see me with my head down, and make the chair creak again. This results in me laughing even harder and him needing to put his head down so he didn't laugh out loud until eventually I collected myself and continued this "cycle".

    Share your HS moments that were absolutely hilarious!

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    I was always sitting with my back to the teacher in one class (dutch), so the teacher had enough of it one day and said she never wanted to see it again. So me and my buddy decided to switch places so she wouldn't see my back but his. She was so used to it that she got angry for me while i didn't do anything. Secretly we were planning that i should always hide my back from her wherever we saw her.

    Other was at our English class, we watched a movie so the teacher could check her papers. She couldn't get the tv turned on with the remote control and got so pissed that she threw it thru the room and walked out cursing.
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    Strip naked, cover myself in butter and go kick some ass

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    Other was at our English class, we watched a movie so the teacher could check her papers. She couldn't get the tv turned on with the remote control and got so pissed that she threw it thru the room and walked out cursing.
    Haha, this actually reminds me of a time when a kid brought a universal remote to a class we were watching a movie in. They had a janitor replace the TV!

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    One time a few of my buddys were in an alley out behind the school smoking after classes, and our friend that was great humored but totally gullible went inside to grab a drink from the vending machine and left his backpack outside with us. Another of my friends had some yogurt left over from his lunch and he dribbled a little on the strap of this guy's backpack, and when he came back out we put on a pretty good show and told him a bum came over a jizzed on his backpack. Our friend started freaking out and asking why the fuck we would let someone do that and where the fuck he went and all of us being fully baked at the time it was completely hilarious both because he believed it and his reaction. I think we were all lying on the street with laughter by the time it was done.

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    It's hard to tell these stories because a lot of them are in the category of "you had to be there"

    We had a guy who attracted bad things, anything that could go wrong happened to him. So while we were standing in line right before class he suddenly starts freaking out. The moment I looked at him I just lost it ... a pidgeon had shit on his new white sweater and it wasn't a little dropping half of his shoulder was covered in white/green/yellow/brown/gray/black ooze and it was dripping down the front.

    Another time we were shadowfighting in school and suddenly his shoe flies off, it catapulted into the air onto the top of a lamppost, they had to get a ladder to get his shoe off.

    Another time we found half of a Snickers bar somewhere behind a cupboard, we decided to put it on the heating radiator and then try to trick people into sitting on it. We had a lot of close calls but in the end people always suspected something and avoided sitting on it ... until THAT guy just sat on it by accident, he forgot about placing it there ( himself even ). He had to throw those pants away after that

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