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    Tell me what your best dream was

    Tell me what your best dream was. What happened in it. Did anyone say anything? How did you feel?



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    Does anyone have good dreams?
    I don't know everything about baseball. Most people don't know 'everything' about baseball. People fall into two two categories. Person A will, when they see I don't know something, try to explain it to me in detail so I understand it. Person B will use their knowledge to make me out to be stupid. Person B is no friend of mine.

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    I dream of becoming a flyer to fly on the sky.

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    Long story short I haven't seen or talked to one of my best friends from when I was a kid in about 25 years for reasons that are quite complicated. Anyways, about 8 years ago we exchanged messages but that quickly stopped. My dream starts at his wedding where I am not invited but he and his wife make a challenge to any of people making speeches that if they made them cry he would treat them to dinner.

    His sister happens to be one of ones making the speeches and she realizes that the girl he is marrying just happens to be one of my schoolmates from Grade 1. Basically, she comes to me NOT to make him cry but the wife by showing up with our Grade 1 school picture. The plan works beautifully with her crying and him shaking his head that we outsmarted him. I then walk out but not before turning around and saying to them "I'll let you pick out the restaurant".

    Sadly that's when the dream ended. Here's the really crazy part after I had the dream a few months later I saw on his Facebook that he recently did get married.

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    I had a simple dream that I was sitting in the living room with my small family, just talking and laughing with them. Everyone was smiling, even my grandpa. He had just passed away that morning :/ The dream made me feel happy though, as if my grandpa wanted me to remember how he was and to assure me that he was fine and that we'd all be ok.

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    I dreamed that the console war turned into a "There isn't enough futa on the console" war. That was a strange dream but a hilarious one.

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    I honestly don't remember my dreams anymore like I did when I was younger. I do occasionally but they aren't really interesting enough to remember let alone share. The only 'happy' one in recent memory was one in which I won a million dollars and quit my shitty-ass job, which I pretty much day-dream about all the time anyways. I woke up with a smile on my face before I quickly learned I had woken up because my alarm clock was telling me it was time to go to my shitty job.

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    long long time ago, dreamt i got a N64 for xmas, but as allways, just got so many soft presents a man can bare

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    Best dream: Lets just say it involved a lot me, a lot of attractive people, and nudity

    Most profound: I had a dream once that I was replacing a brick wall at my high school. The old one was crumbling and needed new bricks. I didn't exactly know how to build a wall so I was trying to replace it brick by brick. After failing at it for a while my dad walked around the corner and said (and this is the exact quote, I'll always remember it) "You can't do it that way. You have to tear everything down and start new." I had this dream right before going to college and took it to mean that I had to jump feet first into independence instead of being wishy washy about it.

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    Hmm, I've had tons of good ones but I dont really remember any when it matters.

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    I don't think I've had a really good dream... most end up with me with no legs, about to die, about to fall off a cliff, being chased, falling, being stabbed or having too many you-know-whats.

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    Mostly been about girls. Other times DBZ related. Yeah, girls on the brain >_>

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    Can't say I remember the details, but I woke up very comfortable and slightly sticky.

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    My dreams tend to be stupid. I still have dreams about going to boot camp and that was three years ago.
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    I had a dream once that I woke up in a bed in a room which can only be described as a sort of treehouse with a balcony on it. As I walked onto the balcony I could see a vast valley with a tropical raid forest below me as far as the eye could see. On the left and right of it were long mountain ridges and as I looked to the sky there were two planets almost overcoming the view of the sky as the sun was setting. The sky was lit up with a sort of orange blueish hugh. I stood there for a moment overwhelmed by the incredible view and then I felt a hand grasp my right hand and another my left. As i turned to the right I saw a woman with a soft smile. When I turned to my left, I saw a beautiful child smiling just the same. I felt so at peace and happy that when I woke up, I began to cry wishing it wasn't a dream. This was before I met my wife and had my daughters and son.

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    it was a very raw and primal erotic dream. i just cant go into details. it was pretty nasty.

    i was sad when i woke up. i thought about it all day.
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    I had a dream that I had broken up with my girlfriend, and found someone else.

    In my dream, we went through our whole lives, from meeting, to death, I could (and still can) recall a lot of the detail that happened. When I woke up, it really felt quite odd, to have felt such strong emotions despite it not being real, I actually felt a little sad.

    Of course, I'm happily with my girlfriend, but it was so weird to feel the same amount of love for someone purely in my mind, and to wake up still feeling those emotions for someone I've never met, and is most likely imaginary.

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    98% of my dreams are nonsensical, like myself and a friend in a bear costume riding on a two-person bicycle that turns into a giant Iguana while riding on the freeway.
    2% are amazing and usually to do with incredibly attractive friends or celebrities, but then i wake up half way through and try really hard to get it back when i get to sleep again.

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    Kindda.. Uhm... Most my dreams aren't good or bad.. Just plain "meh". But some nights, you are blessed with the best dreams of your mind.

    I have to admit, my best dream isn't so amazing as some other peoples, but it's awesome in my book. My best dream is where I see the house of my dreams, and the family everyone wants. A Wife and two kids, being there for them. A house not too big, but big enough for the family. A small wellkept garden and a dog running about.
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    The lady that I think is the love of my life dreams of becoming an opera singer.
    The best dream I've ever had was watching her perform for thousands, singing the songs she's showed me, been excited about, and cried over. Hugging afterward. I tell her to go off on tour, and she does. The moment when, after it, her plane lands, and I first lay eyes on her for months. That's usually where it ends, and I wake up with a really warm, fuzzy heart and a big goofy smile.

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    i don't think i've actually had a good dream in about 6 or 7 years. i suppose one here and there could be counted as "good" but while i enjoyed it during the dream, it caused me to feel really depressed and sad when i woke up.

    there was one though, it was good if you're a weirdo like me, and it actually didn't make me depressed. i dreamed i was a futa and i did something to myself >.>

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