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    Quote Originally Posted by Drudatz View Post
    5 is overrated but WoW can live with 2 less and would be still the biggest MMO...
    Because what really matters to them is being the biggest MMO...their heads would *literally* roll.

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    I'll take faith on what they said and showed at Blizzcon. They want to release this soon - i'll say August release.

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    Honestly for all we know the F&F alpha is about over, with the closed alpha starting starting soon. March press tour saying that closed beta starts in a few weeks. Beta starting early-mid April. I'm guessing 3-4 months and there you have your July/August release. It won't release later than that I'm guessing due to the sales call in August.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebdc View Post
    BC beta: 3 months
    WOTLK beta: 4 months
    Cataclysm beta: 5 months
    Yep, I did the math and came up with that as well. I think the Cataclysm beta was just longer because it was such a massive overhaul of the game... so let's assume a 4 month beta for MoP instead of 6 months. I don't think we'll see a 3 month beta again like we did in BC, but anything is possible - depends entirely on the amount of internal testing they've gotten done.

    If we get F&F Alpha in the next 2-4 weeks, and Closed Beta about 2-4 weeks after that (ie, 2 weeks after the press event), we could conceivably see release EARLY Q3 which would stick pretty closely to their 6 month content cycles. We got Dragon Soul in early December, so if you estimated with only that in mind, you'd guess approximately June for release. July isn't much further off and we would get our systems update in May-June anyways to tide us over.

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    Still the best raid video:

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    Ah, looking good. Can't wait, feeling like a kid before x-mas.

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    I'd say that the beta will end up starting late March/early April, after the press event. Probably going to see July/August release. As people above said, they've scrapped too much content to push the release back. I would think two months of all of the Annual Passers beta testing would be enough. Either way - much hype in my world, pretty excited for this expansion. Wish it was coming out like next week. =)

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    With beta starting end of march/april, we might get MoP around July/August that means pre-expansion patch with new mechanics/talents and pre-exp events would be around may/june. that would fit what they said on blizzcon about releasing expansions earlier!

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    loved the movie, spell effects are far too sparkley though in wow

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    Ooooh Alpha! Can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llunai View Post
    April or May??? Are you NUTS? If the INTERNAL alpha is underway mid-February, that probably means we (won't) see the F&F alpha around the timeframe you mentioned, perhaps a tad sooner. That means Beta testing underway mid-late summer, if we're lucky. Which probably means a 2013 release.

    Best case scenario would involve everything happening a month or so earlier than I predicted above, which would have to include Blizzard somehow finishing a game promptly for a change. If this were the case, that would put us at a late late 2012 release (ie: holiday release).
    There is no way its a 2013 release lmfao. Do you honestly think blizz can keep people playing for another 10 months?

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    I. Love. That. Video.

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    This is a whole lot of nothing new.

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    I don't think they'll want Diablo 3 and MOP to come out too close together. I also think (with no evidence to show you ) that Diablo 3 will come out first, probably around May. I'm guessing there will be a gap of about 2-3 months between D3 and MOP.

    Therefore my prediction is that the earliest that MOP will come out is August, and the latest is October.

    My money is on it coming out in August.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehrunes Dagon View Post
    Still the best raid video:

    Ulduar: The Movie is the best
    I am the lucid dream
    Uulwi ifis halahs gag erh'ongg w'ssh

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    >15,000 manaSo the item level squish hasn't gone through yet, I see.

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    That movie is the best. So epic especially with the music. Great job.

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    LoL we won't see beta till april then "BIG" maybe release at nov/December of MoP. Remember they want to capitalize the corporate greed of Annual Pass subscribers.

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    Didn't the press tour for Cataclysm happen in June of 2010? MoP's press tour is happening in March.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draxz View Post
    LoL we won't see beta till april then "BIG" maybe release at nov/December of MoP. Remember they want to capitalize the corporate greed of Annual Pass subscribers.
    ye i agree, ive said all along to people i bet it wont be out untill the annual pass is up, for me i hope it isnt at least that way i can try the beta and if i dont like it i dont have to buy the expansion and be bothered about still having to pay for something i wont be logging into.

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