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    Weapon question for shadow

    Currently, I am using the LFR version of Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind along with Orb of the First Satyrs. However, in my bag, I have the 397 Visage of the Destroyer. Which one should I use?

    I want to say I should use Visage, but the proc from Rathrak is awesome, and not sure if Visage will still pump out more damage.
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    I've got the normal version of both and i use the dagger for everything. I'm not sure the extra stats from the staff makes up for the proc dmg even on single target fights. It's very possible that it does with the LFR dagger and 378 offhand though.

    Safe bet could be to use the dagger on AoE and staff on single target.

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    the main reason the normal mode dagger is superior is the spellpower it provides over 397 weapons, the proc is only part of what makes it superior. Since you'd actually be losing spellpower and intellect overall my bestguess would be to use the 397weapon until you get normal Rathrak. Simcraft is always a good way to double check these things.

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