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    Transmog help

    I'm looking for a belt and cloak that matches heroic t12 as close to perfect as possible.I went on the wowhead transmog page for the set but they don't have anything listed for those slots and there aren't any comments like some of the other sets have for pieces that are a close match.

    Thanks for the help
    Quote Originally Posted by Shazzia
    Think like this is a Medal of Honor given to warriors in the Vietnam War. How would you feel if a year later, these Medal of Honors is also given away to children for completing a 20-bit puzzle in pre-school? Not so good? Same thing, except it will be harder to complete this 20-bit puzzle than obtaining Firelord and Pureblood Fire Hawk in MoP.

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    Belt of Arcane Storms heroic matches t12, on cloak not sure, belt is from maloriak (heroic)

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