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    Patch13 Dh Skill/Rune Review

    Cross posting for discussion from the official forums because im sure some of you dont have access to them


    This is a review of the skills only nothing about the new ui will be included as you can find several pages of complaining about that.

    These are just my opinions of the skills you are entitled to your own.

    Hungering Arrow- The new HA has a dmg increase up to 115% and you can really feel it. HA went from an ability I had disregarded in almost every build to one that will have a definite spot in several.
    Piercing arrow- This first rune available which increases your pierce from 35-55% is pretty noticeable and is a welcome first lvl rune
    Cinder Arrow- 30% additional dmg as fire over 3 secs. In a single person game once you have a semi decent wep this probably wont be that noticeable except vs elites. It is pretty nice in a multiplayer game though

    Impale- impale a target for 250% dmg... not much to say about this ability its basically the same except for the dmg change
    Impact- This rune is just 100% cheese on the skeleton king.. your impale stuns the target for 1.5sec and it doesnt appear to be on any type of diminishing return, using just hungering and impale swapping back and forth I was able to stun-lock SK down the entire bar in a multiplayer game he never was able to summon any skellys.

    Caltrops- Same ability as before
    Hooked Spines- Increases the slow from 60-80%, by the time you unlock this first rune things are dying to quickly to notice, but im sure it will be decent until you unlock a better rune like the immobilize.

    Chakram and Rapid fire- Both the same as previous builds and neither unlock a rune before lvl 14

    Evasive fire- In essence the same as before but the back flip pathing has been improved substantially. Instead of backflipping into a wall you will most of the time backflip sideways down the wall or around a corner if at one, it still has its quirks but it is much improved from its previous pathing.
    No runes unlocked during beta.

    Bola shot- Dmg increased to 130% to main target and 110% to aoe otherwise the same
    Volatile explosives- Increases dmg range from 7-14yrds, a definite improvement easily noticeable especially on areas like the jar of souls.

    Entangling Shot- Dmg reduced to 75% wep dmg and hatred gen reduced to 3, and the chain gang rune nerfed from 6targets to 4. Overall not happy with the new ES I had included this ability on several builds as a primary hatred gen because it out performed HA and bola.. both of which now feel like they really will outshine this ability which is a shame because it was a primary slow for alot of builds that didn't use caltrops. As it is currently I will prob not use it in favor of HA unless they change 1 of 3 things- The dmg, the Hatred gen, or the number of targets slowed with chain gang.

    Strafe- First for those not familiar here is a video from another thread showing off the ability


    Strafe- This ability to me feels like a lackluster ranged Whirlwind. It doesn't hit enough mobs for how quickly channeling it uses your hatred. It also has no kind of smart targeting in that it just randomly chooses the mobs it hits, It would be a much much better ability if it smartly chose to shoot the mobs either closest to you or lowest on life, making it more effective. The two good thing I can say about this ability though is that you can lay traps while channeling it and it targets destructibles too, but not before enemy's. I have used this ability to get upwards of 40+ destruction chains which is rather fun. This ability could become an amazing one in a meele style build with its final rune which throws out grenades that do aoe dmg. But atm it doesn't hit enough monsters intelligently enough to be used well in meele and burns to much hatred to be used at range for my taste.

    EDIT: I figured I would post about the passives too just because.
    Evasive maneuvers- hasn't changed at all.
    Thrill of the hunt- Hasn't changed but currently broken as all hell it roots every second as opposed to 10 and can proc on multiple enemies if using an ability like strafe.
    Vengeance- Max hatred reduced from 50-25.. hatred and disc gained from orbs increased from 10-20 and 1-2 respectively.. this seems to be atm the one passive early on that might let you use strafe like an old d2 ww if you stay up in the thick of it, but overall health orb drops are to random to abuse it as such.

    Another thing I should say is, I have done some more playing around with Strafe and the passive vengence, and straights are not as dire with the move as I predicted b4. Granted you wont be able to just chain it like you could with d2 ww, but in a 4 player game especially around elites you should be able to keep it up long enough that using say the chakram shield rune and the dmg runed caltrops in combo with strafe should take down mobs quick enough to at least keep you dropping orbs with some frequency. Needless to say its not going to be an early build because the chakram rune isnt avaliable till i think 51.. but it could be kind of fun to try it out using something like this.
    now obviously this doesnt reflect the current skills as some are drasticly different such as

    the strafe rune throws grenades for 144% dmg instead of increasing speed like the current one says
    Chakram does 50% wep dmg for 120sec shield instead of 100% for 40
    Caltrops does 45% dmg instead of the listed 52%
    and obviously Shadow power is a life regen ability instead of attack speed
    and who knows what the runes for it and prep are going to be, but if prep for example has the same cost disc refils hatred full one it has now it should be a good addition, especially if you could activate it while strafing like you can the caltrops currently.
    Shhh im typing this to u on my i phone on the toilet at work

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    Strafe is exactly like it was in D2 except that you can move while using it now. Although, I find this to be a bad thing, personally, and prefer the amazon's ability to combine strafe and pierce to make a ridiculous small aoe ability.

    Still, exactly what everyone should've expected to be honest =p

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