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    Either the Azure Drake, Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher or the Pureblood Firehawk would be my favorite.

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    Crusader's Black Warhorse/Crusader's White Warhorse from A Tribute to Immortality.

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    My personal favorites are Crusader's Black Warhorse. This is probably the rarest mount in the game, weren't it for the fact that 25 people at once got it. The only problem is that it can't fly, so there's where my Invincible comes in.

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    Mimirons head for sure!. I love hearing that helicopter bubble sound whenever that head flies past me... I WANT THAT HEAD!!! :P

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    The rarest might be the Scarab Lord mount since nobody has it.

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    My favorite would have to be Invincible, but I sadly didn't get it before Cata. So with that being said, my personal favorites to use are:
    Azure Drake > Mim's Head > Twilight Drake for flying

    Crimson Charger > Ravenlord > Tyreal's Charger for ground.

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    My favourite as ground mount is Raven Lord. God, the same night both Raven Lord and White Hawkstrider dropped... Oh the joy.

    Flying mount? I'd like to have the Pureblood Firehawk.

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    I must honestly say that my favorite mount is my legendary staff mount. I love the textures!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narwhal6 View Post
    Mimiron's Head

    I really wish the H-Madness mount didn't look like the achieve and normal versions.
    This was my absolute favorite. I have to go back and get it cause this seriously is the coolest mount ever

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    overall counting all mounts id have to say either mimirons head invincible or tiger mount from zg but for uniqueness def mimirons head

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    Personally i love the plauged proto drake. Really wish it was still in the game..

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    The firehawk from Ragnaros is definitively the best looking mount ever. I also like the Mimiron one and the ravenlord.

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    To people saying Invincible is the most unique, what about Mimirons Head? There are several horse mounts, undead horse mounts, even flying horses, but there isn't a single flying mechanical head mount except the Mimirons Head mount.
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    Invincible for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyggyr View Post
    You may say WTF about this, but my favorite is the Swift White Hawkstrider.
    It's absurd, I love it, big cow riding a scrawny white bird.
    i second that xD !!

    been my favorite mount for a very very long time, tho, I really do love my nether rays as well o.O

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    Not a big fan of the title, but oh lord is that mount cool!

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    Most unique? the one which model hadn't been reused/recolored. Like Turbo-Charged Flying Machine. It's easily obtainable but still uniqe in form. Invincible is just another DK horsie. Rare one but still.
    My favorite? Cenarion War Hippogryph. I don't see it very often.

    I know that there are lots of other Hippogryphs. Fiery one, White one, Argent one so mine is not so unique among them. But it was the very first Hippogryph in game. Plus it took insane amount of gold to get, back then. Now people tend to think about "unique" mounts that are FOTM right now due to raid content.

    Back in Ulduar times it was Head
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    the rarer mount because it's new the more people seems to treat is as one.

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    One of the most unique mounts I own is the Azure Drake.
    My favorite mount is still Ashes of Al'ar. I've done 68 kills now, and never ever saw it.
    Hopefully, it's in there next week. My 69th kill.
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    My favorite mount of all time would be the Ivory Raptor. Too bad it isn't obtainable anymore (and hasn't been for a very loooong time).

    Apart from that, as for ground mounts, i like the White Skeletal Warhorse and the the Raven Lord very much.

    There are a lot of awesome flying mounts. Ashes of Al'ar are still one of the best, Black Drake and Black Proto Drake are also superb.

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    Invincible->Mimirons Head->Crusader's White Warhorse

    Because back then mounts were unique instead of having 3 recolors in a single tier barely making anything stand out.
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