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    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    Invincible looks great, but on my old server you could buy a boost for like 100k so making it a low % drop chance in Cataclysm felt pointless. Mirm's Head is the most unique looking mount, but again it was sold in boosts and eveyone and their dog had it on high pop servers.

    Personally, if it counts, I prefer the TCG mounts. Not everyone is willing to part with RL money for one, nor has the means to afford one in-game. As for PvE raiding it will probably be the Onyxian Drake, I've ran this raid every week on 3 characters since it was upgraded to 80 and never seen it drop. Even on high population servers you are likely to see just 1 in the capital. Ashes of Alar is pretty common now, I was logged in last night and there was FIVE outside the trade district AH O.o

    I used to love Anzu before they made it easily farmable. I remember being the only BE with it on my server after I dual boxed the summon with my Druid, got a lot of comments :P

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    Should of remained a quest chain :<
    Ah ah ah, that's not the blizzard way. Epics and mounts for all!

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    black scarab, black proto, mims head, amani warbear love em all

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    Mimoron's head is one of the rarest ones (not to mention Love in Air rocket). From my personal collecting I think that Amani War Bear is the most rare due to fact that it's not obtainable anymore.

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    Am I the only one who loves the Swift White Gryphon? Best mount ever! Nothing flashy about it, just a regular white gryphon with some plating on it.. Simplicity for the win! Love it <3

    As for most unique.. I'd say the Black Scarab, since only a select amount has it and no one will be able to get it again.. Ever.

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    Armani War Bear was my favorite...when we were all guildes jumping around.

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    4 days ago... this happened..

    (check my recent achievments)

    So this is defo my favourite mount so far! also unique too

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    My all time favourite mount is Anzu the Raven Lord. More so when it was only Druids that could summon him tbh, but still. As a Druid this is a "Must Have" mount and it took me almost a year to get it.

    Whenever I don't fly (just use my instant flight form), I ride on that mount.

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    Invincible for sure!

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    Twilight Harbinger my fav atm, seeing i got one and not many scrubs have it.
    Mimi's head all time favorite (together with Black proto)
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    Wouldn't go so far and call Invincible unique but still, it's a cool mount.

    Can't say I have a favorite, perhaps the corrupted firehawk or the purple phoenix -do like purple.
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    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Mimirons Head > Plagued Proto (I love the colour of the inside of its mouth) > Pureblood Firehawk > Rest

    I don't rate Invincible, the textures are nice but I'm a little bit "meh" when it comes to anything Arthas, he's just too... limp.

    The T11 drakes look horrible, literally a dragon with pieces of broken plastic baubles that you hang on x-mas trees glued on to it, yuck.

    DS drakes look kinda cool, but the similarity between normal and heroic just screams "just to tide you over until the next cash-cow is ready for milking" much like most of the second half of this expansion.

    A'lar was cool when it was actually rare (and a sign of a "good" player, mainly due the way tiers worked back then) but nowadays you see dozens of (no offense Waimzer, gz on your mount bro) "bad/casual/scrubs/whatever" riding around on it and after you inspect them and realise they are not/were not ever at that level of play and just got lucky farming the place at 80/85, it kinda ruins the magic for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waimzer View Post
    4 days ago... this happened..

    (check my recent achievments)

    So this is defo my favourite mount so far! also unique too
    lol ashes of alar on ur first tempest keep clear ever, some people have all the luck

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    I love my Annual Pass mount, regardless of how many people got it.

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    Sadly, the new chromo dragon thing is the coolest looking... But, I feel like that shouldn't count so I'm going to say the Zulian tiger.
    I have it, and it's the best mount I own so I love it. I feel like it fits nicely in wow, compared to a Chinese dragon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babaganouch View Post
    -do like purple.
    then you like the new glory mount too, i suppose.

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    Immortality warponies for sure. I love the armor and the flags on the back. Invincible is the only one I use just for convenience, but the immortality ponies are just so cool because of the flags. That said, the white one looks very much better than the black one since it doesn't have the pink looking tint on the armor :/

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    Not sure if this is covered in your original specs OP....but the Korkron Annialator....scorpion my all time favorite...
    I was dying for one since I saw it 1st right here on MMO champ...happiest day in game for me when my guild dinged 25
    Still my exclusive ground mount

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    Mimiron's head hands down.

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    Mimiron's Head,black proto, iron bond proto
    Be feared, or be fuel

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    All time favorite - Onyxia mount

    Mount I've seen the least - Onyxia mount

    Mount I can't solo because I'm a warrior... Onyxia mount

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