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    Gold Drops from bosses

    Are the Gold drops from bosses bugged? Did Firelands 25H earlier, and each boss dropped 122g PER person. Seems a bit much

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    122g per seems to be too much, and is possibly a bug.


    /w Dotmore is it in 10m or 25? heroic? I want gold too! >.<

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    Doing DS 10H during Cata dropped like 100 or more gold per boss. 10 vs 25 shouldnt matter anymore because its per person but that amount is probably right.

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    25 man HC indeed drops far more gold than 10 man HC.
    Whole Cataclysm is around 125 gold per boss per person. Doing all 28 bosses on 25HC will get you little over 3.000 gold.
    Sizable but for time needed to kill 28 heroic bosses (some of them still pose challenge to inexperienced groups) is okay but nothing special either.

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