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    Personally think Invincible looks dreadful, especially the flying animations. It's even that unique any more with the sparkle pony hopping about.

    My favourite has to be the Pureblood Firehawk, though I think that it should have been reserved as a drop from heroic Rag only.
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    Ashes of Alar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narbootz View Post
    All time favorite - Onyxia mount

    Mount I've seen the least - Onyxia mount

    Mount I can't solo because I'm a warrior... Onyxia mount
    wrong. ugly mount anyway.

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    Most Unique-Mimiron's Head, hands down, no other mount obtained from PvE looks anything like it...not really my favorite...though cool.
    Favorite-Probably the Bloodbathed Frostwyrm...before everyone got one (if this counts, as the unarmored ones were for pvp). Otherwise, I like the Firehawks from FL, the green one they never implemented is actually my favorite but meh.

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    violet proto drake or dark phoenix
    Isnt 10% of infinite still infinite?

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    Definetely, Mimiron's Head. <---- That's my DK right over there.

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    There is no debate that mim's head is the most unique mount in the game. That being said, it's not my favorite. I'd have to go with Warbear for ground mount and pureblood or invinc for flying as my favorites.

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    Black Qiraji Battle Tank is clearly the most unique mount in the game. Back in Vanilla it could fly, turn you invisible, and shoot lasers.

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    Invincible pre-nerf. I wanted one so bad, then they nerfed it's wings and I was like -.- useless.

    For those of you who don't know, pre-nerf it's wings were HUGE and that made it awesome. When it flew it's wings would almost touch each other when flapping, it just looked EPIC.

    Found a video for the people that don't know what i'm talking about HUGE wings, ridiculously badass.
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    Hi, my druid is currently lvl 75 and i'm going for resto at lvl 80, so my question is, what is the most used resto healing rotation?.

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    Unique - Mim's Head
    Owned Personal Favorite Ground - Crimson Deathcharger/Swift Alliance Steed
    Owned Personal Favorite Flying - Cenarion War/Argent/Silver Covenant Hippogryphs (have but don't use Flameward, dislike the animations)

    As a mage I get a lot of questions about the Crimson Deathcharger. Very rarely do I see others using it.

    As far as flying mounts go, I enjoy the aesthetics of some of the fancy mounts, but for everyday use the hippogyphs are nice and compact and have the most unobtrusive flying animations, imo.

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    using Rag's mount atm :>, sometimes I change to 25m ICC glory (did it when it was current content) but Rag's mount is much better, huge, sparkle and nice animation.

    sad that I lost roll on Mimiron's mount too many times =(

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    Sea Turtle

    Best /mountspecial in game

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    Druid Flight Form. It wasn't hard, but it was fun.

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    Mimirons head.

    Invincible is very impressive when it's IDLE. But it looks so bad when it's moving or flying. A real shame too.

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    In BC ashes, In Wotlk id have to go with mimirions head, in cata.. i really dont have a answer, lolookalikesmoarplease?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khadgerler View Post
    Armani War Bear was my favorite...when we were all guildes jumping around.
    wow never seen this mount, is it a bear in a tuxedo? make it happen, blizzard

    my favorites are the firehawks for flying and mechano-hog for ground
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    Quote Originally Posted by Narwhal6 View Post
    Mimiron's Head
    I'm pretty sure that the fact that the mount is a robot's head makes it the most unique, hands down.

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    The 100mounts big nose yellow/red mount. Dragonhawk something (forgot name) I love it and was using it till I got this Life-Binders Handmaiden which is a generic drake but pink with horns. Not sure why I use it... zzzz

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    The Firehawk from Rag. It's flamealicious!
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    Nether Drake. Cobalt or Obsidian. Hands-down.

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