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    I'm one of about 15 people left on my server with one.

    I also ride invincible / mim's head around, as well as a rag firehawk. All are nice, but the crusader horse is the only one that still gets people asking where it's from.
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    My vote is definitely Mimiron's Head, guild was going to give it to me if we ever got it but we started raiding ulduar late and once we moved on to ToC we never went back.

    Picked up the Big Love Rocket earlier this month, probably going to use that for quite a while since I think I've seen one other on my server, and that was last year.

    Prior to getting that I've been using the Twilight Drake, just because I like the looks and seems like not many people have it/ use it.

    Also missed getting Swift Horde Wolf by 3 attempts and never the guild never went back after that.
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    black / plague protos, Id have to say,

    Death charger before it was a satchel reward

    I tend to ride anything that I havnt seen in a while running around
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    I have an old white mechanostrider and I don't see too many of them. I swap it into my rotation from time to time. I also have the blue one -___-

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    I give a vote to (Crusader's White Warhorse). Hardly any1 uses it nowdays---they are rare like black AQ bugs.

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    4 days ago... this happened..

    (check my recent achievments)

    So this is defo my favourite mount so far! also unique too
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    Sad I never got Mimiron's head or the ToC mounts (10 insanity/25 immortality)

    I'd go with Invincible/Pureblood Firehawk (even though my main doesn't have one, but my alt does), but using Life Binder's Handmaiden right now for the prestige. Will go back to Invincible after that.
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    Ground - I gotta say Amani War Bear, I love this mount and still use it every day.

    Flying - I would say Mims Head, never won the roll on it (wish I would have).

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    Uniqueness isn't correlated with my favourite.

    I still absolutely love the Ironbound Protodrake no matter how common it is.
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    Ashes of Al'ar for me

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    Pureblood Firehawk or the meta one


    If the mounts from DS were bigger... I'm pretty sure we can all agree that they would be the best.

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    I still fly around on my black protodrake.

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    Mimiron`s Head, Invincible, TogC mounts and Onyxian drake. And lil`less nowadays but it is still orange pixels - Al`ar.

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    Its gotta be invincible, its an awesome looking mount with tons of lore behind it.

    Mimi's head is a close second for me.

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    I like sparkle pony

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    Swift Zulian Tiger will always have a very, very special place in my heart. I don't play that character anymore, and I miss him very much.

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    So far most people go for Invincible & Mimiron head. Both mount from WoLK...I am feeling like WoLK have most unique mounts That ICC drake is imba mount From BC I would like Ashes of Alar...hmm cata not sure for any mount...perhaps firehawk

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    My personal favorite is the Pureblood Firehawk, the model is all kinds of awesome. I would however dropkick a puppy for Mim's head.

    Most unique, probably Onyxian drake, I have yet to see one on my server.

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    My favourite mount is definitely the pureblood firehawk, the whole firehawk model is so awesome looking.

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    Crusader's White Warhorse, the tribute to Immortality reward as the ground mount. Not the most unique model but one of the rarest mounts ingame, especially since you can't really get them anymore.

    Mimi's head for flying, even though I'm not a huge fan of the noise it makes.
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