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    The original Amani War Bear, also I'm a big fan of protodrakes: the ulduar 25 protdrake has the best color combination imo. I use the timelost one tho - my favorite. rare, more rare, timelost (alot of time lost :/)!

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    For ground, Crusader's Black/White Warhorse together with Swift Alliance Steed (because of it's unique armor colors and pattern)

    For flight, definitely Mimiron's Head. Unqiue in too many ways, but I'd say that Onyxian Drake comes very close

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ettan View Post
    ^^ 100% this
    While it is probably the rarest mount you'll ever see, I wouldn't say it's the most unique
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    My favourites are the Pureblood and T14 Meta (Heavenly I think it's called from the top of my head). I pretty much only use the heavenly now though, I like to feel like a special snowflake - even if only for a tier or so

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    the green one they never implemented is actually my favorite but meh.
    You can use the disgusting OOzeling and turn it green! Although, only while grounded But still, Green!

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    Mimiron's Head.

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    I'm lucky to have the Astral Cloud Serpent and simply love it

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    Of the ones I have, probably Onyxian Drake. Of the ones on my wishlist, definitely Invincible.

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    Swift Zulian and Spectral Tiger, no competition

  8. #128, on my allience paladin, mims head or my gyrocopter+ hog

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    I'm a fan of the thundering cloud serpent, though the frost wyrms have always been a favorite as well. For ground mounts, I like the spectral wolf a lot, as well as the sunreaver hawkstrider (on my blood elf at least).

    (Rareness does not affect how much I like something, and I cannot comprehend the concept of personally liking something more because it's rare. )

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    My blue and rusted proto-drakes are my favorite mounts if they were ground mounts as well as flying mounts I'd be in heaven.

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    I have got some. These I feel are most unique for me.

    Mimirons head
    Blue proto drake
    Crimson deathcharger
    Big battle bear
    Swift razzashi raptor
    White hawkstrider
    Ultramarine battletank
    Recruit a friend rocket
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    1-Drake of the South Wind
    2-Astral Cloud Serpent(Got this)
    3-Pureblood Fire Hawk

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    Still rocking my Flametalon of Alysrazor as my ground mount.

    Flying mount, usually Ashes of Alar still.

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    My favorite ones are TCG mounts: rhino and red nether rocket. Neither of them are rare anymore because of excessive duping, but I don't care about rareness. They just look awesome.

    From raid mounts I sometimes use Plagued proto-drake and original ZA bear.
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    Meanwhile ...

    Nomi opens up a new kitchen in Darnassus.

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    If the Ultramarine Battletank counts, it's probably that. Otherwise, it'd be the Pureblood Firehawk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstg View Post
    Swift Zulian and Spectral Tiger, no competition
    Those two are definitely in the top running. My favorite mount overall is Invincible, even though i don't have one yet QQ. The most unique overall I'd say is Mim's head because it just looks all sorts of awkward lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChandraErcassiel View Post
    Personally i love the plauged proto drake. Really wish it was still in the game..
    gotta agree, probably my favorite, wish i could get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daetur View Post
    Swift Zulian Tiger will always have a very, very special place in my heart. I don't play that character anymore, and I miss him very much.
    account bound mounts....

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