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    3 Disc priests in a 25 man raid, need some advice

    Recently my guild has recruited a third disc priest with a holy offspec. I think this will give problems in terms of managing mana returns from rapture. I'm sure for some fights he will be specced holy, but on other fights he won't as joined us as disc priest after all.

    Since the situation isn't ideal I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to deal with 3 disc priests for certain fights.
    1. Which fights should he be holy and which ones could we benefit from a third disc priest?
    2. What is the best way to manage rapture procs in fights where we do have 3 disc priests (I know it's at least 2 tank fights, but is there any 1 tank fight where we could benefit from a third disc priest?

    Our current progress is 2/8 HC (Morchock and Hagara. And atm we're working on Yor'sahj)

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    Quote Originally Posted by elleanor View Post
    1. Which fights should he be holy and which ones could we benefit from a third disc priest?
    depends on what other healers do you have?

    i think that 3 disc priests in one raid might be a pain, as you may end up in a chase to shield the tank and stuff. perhaps it would be easier if at least two of those priests were atonement?

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    It looks like all three of us are atonement specced and the composition of healers differs as we don't always the same ppl available each week. Atm our other healers are 1 resto druid, 2 resto shamans (of which 1 is someone who is elemental as ms but specs resto quite frequently when its needed), and 2 holy pallies. We usually heal with 6 healers each fight.

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    we use 3 disc on yor'sahj heroic and used 4 on our baleroc first kill. but generally speaking bringing more than 2 is overkill (i think optimal you want to have only 1).

    to answer your question:
    the only fight where bringing an additional disc priest over a holy priest imo is yor'sahj heroic due to cooldowns + the fact that holy sucks in this fight. a disc priest can pre shield the group and barrier + painsupp is really strong here too for purple phase. other heroic bosses? nope, *maybe* ultraxion if you lack dps, but more than 2 disc priest there is bad as well due to a lack of hps at the end. you could make morchock work for you if one priest only shields the group and blackhorn might be possible as well, but i think you are better off with a holy priest in all the cases if you already have 2 disc.

    regarding rapture procs: there is always a little bit raid damage going around. maybe use this to pop your shield. but when im playing disc, i dont have any mana problems at all (even without rapture procs), so its not that important imo.
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    Why do you even want disc? It's a trade of between barrier and 30% more raw healing done, I can't see the benefits? You just feel "pro" because you use a cooldown?

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    Holy does very well on Yorsahj, I'd say you don't know what you're talking about in that regard. Holy's mastery is very powerful, as is the ability to refresh renews with direct heals. Keeping up a single group is cake walk. Tank healing requires a bit more finesse, but is quite doable. Amped up Divine Hymn is also win.

    <-- Tank heals Yorsahj 10H as Holy (and we dont have a holydin to cheese beacon etc).
    Initially, I was in on group duty and handled that with my eyes closed. I swapped to tank healing b/c I ended up being best suited for it.
    Test of Faith + Echoes of Light + Serenity Chakra Renew refreshing = LULZ/cast

    On top of that, I don't need a single Fiend, Tide, or HoH for mana whenever we have Void Sphere suck our mana b/c Holy's combat regen is godly for that transition. Mana only becomes an issue if I toss out extra heals to help out our weaker regen healers. And even then I can manage without a use of a CD if I time things right.

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    you really should only ever have 2 disc priests in a Dragon soul 25. holy just brings so many things that disc doesn't, you're really hindering yourself if you're ever using 3 over 2 (except for heroic yorsahj) disc > holy

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