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    GW2 beta footage.

    I'm not going to be updating this thread (or I might, I don't know). There's already a thread started over on GW2 guru with shitloads of links in it already. I'll be posting as many as I can. My name is Tyestor on GW2guru.

    http://www.guildwars2guru.com/forum/...st-t27964.html - The original post of this thread is constantly updated with all the links posted in the thread so it is pointless updating this thread when there's multiple people updating the one on GW2Guru.

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    MikeB has put his BFF Report Episode 100 up, the Guild Wars 2 episode

    Quote Originally Posted by Potboza View Post
    I created a black human male called "Pedopriest" and ran him to SW.
    I started asking where the schools were.
    Someone said "My kids play on this server you creep! How can you live with yourself?"
    I whispered back, "How old are they?"

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