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    Does anyone Prot Pally PvP anymore?

    If so, what's the correct reforging and gemming? right now I'm all strength and crit, which would work if we still had vengeance in pvp. i'm usually the FC in any bg that requires one, but i've noticed that pure focus dps on me can be quite chaotic. I love my little paladin, but it seems FC'ing on my DK is a lot more viable. I guess what I am waiting for is for someone to tell me that paladins are still decent in BG's.

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    Full resi/stam and FC.

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    thanks for the advice, now for enchants; should i use dps enchants or avoidance enchants?

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    Avoidance doesn't help against casters or when melee are behind you... So Resi/Stam > DPS > Tank(Dodge/Parry/Mastery) I guess.

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    thank you both very much, you'd be surprised as to the lack of information you can't find on google. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primalistic View Post
    thanks for the advice, now for enchants; should i use dps enchants or avoidance enchants?
    DPS. Avoidance is nothing in BG's. The only BG it's worthwhile in is AV, but then you'd use tank gear for the boss and PVP gear otherwise. It's good to see some Prot PVPers out there still. I gave up on it due to boredom with PVP, but i certainly won't say it's worthless. Just, don't try to find a Rated BG group, everyone will snub their nose at you like you're something they trod in no matter how good you are. We're inferior to just about every spec out there in Rated BG's, and i don't think i've ever seen a level 85 Prot Paladin with a Rated BG title. I've seen some faction changers with the original titles, but none who earned it from current rated BG's.

    Ignore anyone telling you not to play it for PVP though. Your role is always one of interrupting and caster lockdown. Seal of Insight is your choice for most purposes, and only against Rogues and Ferals should you switch to Truth.

    We're certainly not as viable as DK's or Warriors for Flag Carrying, but we're good at keeping a group of enemies off of flags in AB and such. I'd say we're more potent at interrupting than most due to AS procs. Between that and Rebuke, Hammer of Justice serves it's purpose when both are on CD. Of course, in the average PuG BG, a decent prot pala is better than no tank FC at all. If your team is good, you can do straight runs from base to base. If not, you'd better hope someone, preferably a healer, can draw themselves away from the midfield drivel and help you across.

    You need to make sure you're using Dazing Shield glyph though. If nothing else, you NEED this one. There's nothing more useful for both escaping or catching an enemy than this glyph.

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    Taugrim's guide to Prot PVP

    This was last updated for 4.0.6 and Taugrim no longer plays WoW. However, there is still information within this post that is applicable.

    Prot Paladins are not as viable as they once were, Blizzard have even commented that they are no longer concerned with Prot Paladin viability in PvP [-link-]. That being said, if you are a good PvP'er you can still have a lot of fun as Prot.

    If you run with a healer you can do well as a FC and as a means of defence until back up arrives. You can make a huge difference in keeping Towers in Storm Peaks or flags in Arithi Basin/Battle for Gilneas.

    Just don't expect to be as well equipped to kill one on one as a DK/Warrior in their Prot specs. It is doable with burst trinkets/AW but you have to work at it.

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    at least we're getting more mobility in pandaland

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    prot viability

    don't listen to the nay sayers who say prot isnt viable. I have a prot pally fc, i have gemmed mainly stam some strength and some hit as well as using landslide on my axe, prot is very viable if you think outside the square and really knuckle down to knowing the class.
    I have heard how awesome warriors and dk's are and have seen a few good ones out there, personally I think a well played pally or druid tops either. Thats the key any fc class played well, will do well. Having recently lvl'd a pvp arc mage from that perspective dk's go down easily, warriors are a pain in the ass because of stuns and their mobility and pallys are a pain because of the defensive capabilities.
    At the end of the day play the class you enjoy most, and you well get a spot with a rated team if you know what your doing with a pally fc.
    A really good pally fuck your day up is inquisition, pop a golemblood potion wings and as for a 50k+ crit, or as towelliee puts it a massive shield fuck.
    Best of luck to you.
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    one other thing try arena as prot, its hilarious everyone wants to kill the pally tank so while they focus on me they die from my arena partners hammering fuck outta them, best arena partner i had was a warrior tank between the two of us we were just about unkillable.
    The idea with having hit gems and landslide means a dps boost which is a bit of a shock for people who dont expect a pally tank to kill them quickly.
    Give it a try, you will love it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Téuntjûh View Post
    at least we're getting more mobility in pandaland
    For prot, this is definitely true.

    For ret however it's debatable due to the few things they are loosing.
    The way balancing for WOW PVP works is allot like American politics.
    1: Be lazy & ignore problems till the yelling is so loud your cant concentrate.
    2: Refuse to do the things you have Said need to be done, then make up reasons why they cannot be done.
    3: Lay the blame for problems on someone else even when it's your fault because you did all of the above.

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    I am one of the minority still practicing prot pvp. I am a BG hero, yes.
    My stat priority is Strength > resi > hit 5% > crit > expertise (not capped, but a bit of expertise is nice to reduce dodges and parries. Glyphs are word of glory, shield of righteousness, crusader strike. I'm currently rolling with mending on my weapon because its cheap but will probably upgrade to landslide to increase damage output.
    Chain silences and interrupts have led to me being able to solo kill geared healers! Survivability against any melee class is very high, quite a few casters are easy to handle too and I'm only really wary of frost mages. So I think prot is definitely not dead for pvp!
    I only FC if there's no one I deem worthy of carrying the flag in my stead
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    There's more bosses after Saurfang?

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