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    LF advice/tips for Yor the unsleeping HC10 (Healing)

    Hello fellow healing priests

    Our guild is progressing on yor hc 10 man atm, our best tries were @ 2%~3% (beaten by enraged) , so hopefully by Tuesday's raid, it should be down.
    My concern however, we are two healing this, hpala and myself as disc, i find myself sometimes:

    -Struggling with keeping myself up when black adds are up and fixated on me . any tips (Fade doesnt seem to work) or just eat it up like a man!?

    -Should i pre-shield our team at every high damaging sets, i find myself pre-shielding occasionally, but not every time, due to conserving mana?!

    -When should the pre-shielding takes place, to get the maximum usage?! (I do that mostly when slimes on their spawn spots and moving toward the boss) OR is DA through PoH should be enough.

    -We Chain our Cds myself and hpala during high damage slimes sets, where i barrier first, and when it's about to fade, aura mastery poped, is that correct way of dealing with it? or we should pop them at the same time.

    -I am running with AA spec with 1 point in SoS. 2 points in darkness, and heavy reforging into Haste/Crit around 17% each and 13% mastery, unbuffed.

    -Should i reconsider this reforging for this boss, what should i go for?

    I know i have high spirit for Disc, however, it's for OS as well.
    My trinkets are Foul 378+Windward 397+Tsunami 359+Seal 384+HoU 390

    -Should I go holy for this fight?!

    -Any tips regarding our Mana Cds and Voids? when is the best time for Hymn of Hope, i hate this spell cuz of its channeling mechanics (so it needs perfect timing imo).

    I feel like i can/should handle this fight in different manner than the way i am atm , i am looking for tips, experts opinions, any advice would be highly appreciated and i am thankful.

    Please bare with me, as I have let my heart out in this post . Thank you in advance.

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    I'll try to cover as much of this as I can. Apologies if I miss something.

    Black adds - are you fading before they spawn or after the fixate? If you fade after, they're still going to have you fixated. You can't just drop them like a hunter with FD. Instead, try to fade just before the first wave spawns. There's a very short window when they have normal aggro tables, so let a dps pick them up with AoE while you have fade active.

    Pre-shielding - Going to tie this in with mana voids. I'm assuming your group is doing the void staggering technique of only killing an old mana void after a new one has come up. If not, try having your raid do this, as its an absolutely huge benefit for healers and dps. I would suggest pre-shielding just before a new mana void spawns, probably in the 5 seconds or so before the oozes reach the boss. You'll burn a lot of mana, but you're going to be drained soon anyway. Also, if you do this, you'll likely trigger a Rapture proc after the void spawns so you have a little mana to work with early on. On sets that don't have a mana void, I would not recommend PW:S pre-shielding the raid other than one on the tank to help soak the first bolt. PoH should be fine even for heavy damage phases, especially with a holy pally in the group.

    For CD chaining, that's up to you. Stacking them is slightly less beneficial as you get a small DR effect due to the multiplicative stacking, but that is somewhat offset by giving a period of significantly reduced damage, instead of a longer period with slightly reduced damage. Also, it depends on the ooze grouping. AM is most effective on red+yellow and doesn't help on green at all, so plan carefully around that.

    AA spec - I can't honestly say. If you really need the dps that badly, it may be worth it, but a non-AA, haste/mastery heavy build is going to give more healing performance on this fight. Mostly due to the frequent AoE healing requirements. That said, I don't know whether AA triggers deep corruption or not, and if it doesn't, that may actually be the way to go, provided you can still keep up with the AoE damage.

    Mana cds - use hymn after the first void so you have mana to get through that phase. After that, you should be ok for the rest of the fight as long as you're mana void staggering. See the note above for that.

    Edit: As for disc v. holy, I can't honestly say. I have no experience running with a holy priest on this fight. Ultimately, the better spec depends on what ooze combinations you get, and since you can't plan effectively for that, stick with whichever spec you are most comfortable with. Since disc brings more in the way of utility via PW:B and shielding, as well as Grace stacking on tanks for highly efficient healing with Deep Corruption, I would still lean towards disc in most circumstances.
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    1. Eat it like a man, shield all fixate targets as much as possible!
    2. Yes, you should preshield every set, the amount of mana blue returns is just plain stupid.
    3. Yes, popping cooldowns in a series is the best.
    4. That sounds fine, make sure you stack up 5x Evanglism and pop AA after mana drain or when u need to heal.
    5. Don't bother reforging specific for this boss.
    6. No disc is better imo.

    Here's how I heal it hpala:
    Beacon tank, me+tank+melee in grp1, pala+ranged in grp2.
    I prioritizing grp1 and he prioritizes grp2, if there's no dmg in my grp I naturally go heal his grp visa versa.
    I run attonement spec, but I don't really nuke the boss, as purple can really fuck you over (hey holy fire!). I only nuke the blobs to get 5 stack of evanglism. Then right before the blobs are about to hit the boss I spam PWS, till I go oom, purple debuff comes up or the dmg starts and finish off by using AA, to gain 5% mana and 15% extra healing.
    If it's the first blue I pop shadowfiend after mana drain, hpala gets innervate and pops his mana ability (which i cant remember the name of), and we ignore the orb.
    If we use to much mana and the following combination is a hard hitting (pur/red/black or red/black/yellow) one we'll just kill the mana void to get mana back.
    I only use HoH if we come into a situation where fiend in on CD and we killed the mana void to heal the hard hitting combos. You don't really need the regen from it anyway.
    The rest is just repeating and doing the right combination.
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    Thank you both of you, Kurzior and Yilar for the input, most definitely going to make use out it, truly appreciated.

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    If your having issues with the enrage I would suggest changing the kill order to remove a black from one of the sets where possible, I think we normally do it on Green, blue, purple, black to give us more dps time on the boss instead of the adds. We also usually have two melee on the boss at all times only moving off to assist the ooze if it's close or to get the blue orb down to around 15% this also helps keep the enrage timer out of harms way.

    Once you have the enrage timer removed from the equation you can actually have dps single targeting the the black oozes adds in order to get them out of the way, after many wipes we found that the one mechanic that wiped us was those adds so controlling them is one of the most important things in this fight.

    As for Priest related issues, for HoH I would recommend popping it after the first mana void takes your mana this should give enough mana to all casters in the raid and tide them over till the next void spawns, if everything goes as planned in regards to popping the voids correctly you shouldn't have mana issues there after.

    For pre shielding I usually only pre shield two or three people when the mana void is about to start draining mana and I normally try to cast the last shield on the tank just as it takes the lasts of my mana mainly for the rapture proc and combined with AA I can gain a decent chunk of mana back for in between waiting on the void to be killed.

    For the purple debuff parts dependent on mana I do try to pre shield a few people, I find though casting a full 10 shields would be a waste as the damage incoming for most of those phases doesn't really start that quickly and is usually fairly minor so prioritize weaker players for pre shields.

    In regards to the high damage phases Red, Yellow, Black if you can survive it up till the next oozes are spawning then in regards to cooldowns your doing it correctly, for most guilds progressing on this fight that phase is either you can or you can't do it in terms of healing and cooldowns. What I suspect is most likely happening though from what you have said is you make it through those phases okay but the adds are being a pain while your trying to kill the next group of oozes.

    If that is the case then as I said above you will need to work out a way to get more dps on the boss to allow extra time for single target nuking of those remaining adds, one or two still active is fine more then that though is enough to make this stressful fight even more stressful and honestly it usually ends up in a wipe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurzior View Post
    That said, I don't know whether AA triggers deep corruption or not, and if it doesn't, that may actually be the way to go, provided you can still keep up with the AoE damage.
    At last check, atonement does add stacks of Deep Corruption--and that includes ticks of Holy Fire. Be careful not to give in to the temptation to sneak that last Holy Fire in before the boss eats purple ooze... or else you're really gonna pay for it.

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