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    Demo: Heroic Spine and Reforge Advice

    Hello everyone, i was wondering if i should go with a haste build for spine (2681) or if i should stay with the 1993 one, my trinkets are IotCM normal and bottle of wishes. I know i should use bow and mwc but iotcm helps a lot at amalgamation dmg. My chars name is Hangrah at Drakkari US.
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    Um. I have no clue what haste build for demo you're talking about that has a haste rating of 2681. The 2681 haste is the max haste you want for destro. From what I've read, 1993 haste if you can get a decent amount of mastery. The link below has a further detail of stats to go for.

    You want BW over MWC, because you're not guaranteed a meta for every tendon, so you need at least something for each one.

    http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ck-at-Spine-HC This thread has two good comments, a help video from a lock in Method and a long post from Dysnomia with lots of information. The only real differences between the two I saw was the use of BoD vs BoA, but both outline the spec/glyphs/stats/trinkets to use.

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    You shouldn't even go for 1993 Haste for this. Corruption's DPET is so much lower than the others in this 19s window that its uptime will only be for 7-10s, rendering the extra full-duration tick worthless. Instead, reforge down to 1573 Haste for Immolate (highest DPET for this alongside Immolation Aura) and stack as much Mastery as possible.

    You should Meta 2 GCDs before the Tendon becomes active, and Immolation Aura on the next GCD so that you can begin casting immediately without wasting any time (use /targetexact Burning Tendons - Note that just using /target Burning Tendons without the exact part can cause you to target an inactive Tendon .. It's weird). Also, pre-position your Felguard next to where the Tendon will spawn during Nuclear Blast (don't worry, he won't die).

    Pet Attack + Demon Soul + Felstorm + Immolate -> Shadowflame -> Doom -> Guldan -> Soulburn: Felpuppy + Pet Attack -> Corruption -> Shadow Bolt x2 -> Shadowflame -> Shadow Bolt -> Guldan -> Shadow Bolts for remaining time.

    This will give you the most possible DPS.

    Shadowflame is a 12s CD 6s duration DoT, so using it as your 2nd GCD will allow the 2nd cast's final tick to hit before the Tendon is inactive. Doom as the 3rd GCD will allow it to tick, making it worth its ET. You MUST spam your Pet Attack keybind when you Soulburn out the Puppy - Felstorm is 6s, and the CD between Shadow Bites is 6s. With crisp timing you can stack Felstorm and 2 Bites in the 19s window - You don't wanna waste time for your next spell to hit before he starts attacking the Tendon. Corruption is worth its ET providing it's used before the 8th GCD - It's used on the 6th in the above list. Guldan again on CD, else fill with Shadow Bolts (ofc replacing those with Incinerates during Molten Core / Soul Fire during Decimation (with no Molten Core)).

    Also a tip for little extra DPS - It's possible to have another high HP Amalgamation alive while DPS'ing the Tendon - Put an Immolate on it before the Tendon becomes active so that you can fish for extra Molten Core proccs.

    Good luck.

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    Also would like to point out that using CoElements is a colossal waste of a GCD assuming you have atleast one Boomkin in the Raid, who will inevitably pre-Mushroom the Tendon and immediately detonate, triggering Earth and Moon.

    Edit: URL of E&M link was wrong
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