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    Introducing the Dreadnite, what are your thoughts?

    Even though the game itself is not out yet, I began wondering what the new class will be for the first expansion. I speculate the addition of a more or less of more sinister class than a Demon Hunter, one that had been damaged by the demons so much that, he/she only thrives for vengeance and is chaotic good/neutral in its nature, that the vengeance is all that matters for the pain that have been inflicted.

    Introducing the Dreadnite:The Impending Nightfall of the Burning Hells

    "The Paladins of the Zakarum, once the paragon of hope in the dreaded lands of Sanctuary were a beacon of light that swept through darkness and vanquished the bane of life. However, with the fall of the church and the destruction of worldstone, they were thinned in number as demons and cultists alike had sought them for vengeance.
    Not all of them had been as lucky as the Templar who managed to escape with the help of valiant heroes. Under submission, they have been subjected to dark magics unspeakable to the most powerful of wizards, the goal was simple, to transform the banes of evil into its foremost champions. Ones that had already been weakened in their faiths were turned to ruthless killing machines wielding demonic power as of their own.
    However, those who had not submitted break free in the wake of their new power, more of an abomination of dark energy, only seeking vengeance against those who had made him/her, and a being that matched the power of the lieutenants of the seven.

    The Dreadnite is born, and vengeance on the evil has been sworn...

    Think of a shield and heavy armor wielding Warlock that can subdue lesser demons and transform into a form resembling greater demons, while can hold his/her ground against the hordes of demons as an indomitable fortress. Analogous to a combination of Death Knight and Warlock, yet much more anti-hero.

    However, it should be noted that, contrary to DKs who want to be redeemed or Warlocks that pact with demons for greater power and for protection the of their land/nation/faction, this class of "hero" is a pure manifestation of hatred and vengeance, a being that won't stop until the Burning Hells cease to exist.

    As a sidenote, don't confuse this with a Demon Hunter, who only really hunt demons for vengeance and are pretty much righteous in their cause and such, whereas, a Dread Knight is a demonic abomination and a killing machine, anything between them and a demon is only an obstacle to be cleared.

    "A Dreadnite will not stop until the Burning Hells cease to exist"

    What are your thoughts?

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    Isn't this just the lore for Demon Hunters but with a melee class

    I'll pass thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    Isn't this just the lore for Demon Hunters but with a melee class

    I'll pass thanks
    Not necessarily, we are talking about beings that has been twisted and turned for submission, to the point of torturing their souls and changing their bodies, their physical body is only a husk fueled by their rage.
    While the Demon Hunter is more or less a Demon Slayer, and is not really demonic in essence, where the Dreadnite is almost akin to a demon hating his/her kind. There is a huge difference.

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    How would they perform any differently to the existing melee classes?

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    Effective from now, the name Dread Knight is changed to Dreadnite, abbreviated as DN for convenience to prevent misconceptions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    How would they perform any differently to the existing melee classes?
    They will function similar to how DKs would wield magic and weapon together, and this will be the differentiating factor.

    No, its a fallen knight that has access to demonic powers, as I had stated in a post I have posted in MMO-C:

    The Dreadnite will either be:
    - A melee enhanced caster of dark magics where they subdue demons and use them, or consume them to obtain a demonic form, that will still be a hybridization of melee and magic, where they will preferably wield polearms.

    - A defensive melee/caster that, uses shield for protection, similar to a dark knight(Disciple of Cain from Warhammer Universe) wielding dark magic and a bit of vampiric in nature. Essentially the shielded dark templar-esque style will be the last vestige of Knighthood left in this "hero".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    Isn't this just the lore for Demon Hunters but with a melee class
    Nope, this is the Warhammer 40k Chaos Spacemarine lore

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    I dont think it will be very good. But i could be wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanitius View Post
    Nope, this is the Warhammer 40k Chaos Spacemarine lore
    The description includes the capabilities of a chaos marine of 40k or disciple of cain from WH:O, however, this is the kinda of fallen hero with a single agenda of vengeance, no desire for a redemption or salvation. A being of chaos and darkness that has sworn to the foundations of what has made/him.

    Sadly, when we talk about darkness or a "darkened" hero, eveyone, jumps the DK or alternative guns, whereas different to all these heroes, this one is focused in simply destroying burning hells, and is an anti-hero. Simply put, if say a barbarian shows a compassion for a demon(!) and tries to oppose the dreadnite, then the barbarian will be killed first then the demon.

    Even though I haven't stated it, the torment inflicted upon them was not a simple one.
    The Dreadnite before his/her transformation had been subjected to tortures that resulted in his/her death that of which only to be followed by his/her soul to be transferred to a fresher body and reanimated to be retortured by cultists and demons alike, with every cycle embalming the soul with fel energies rendering it more demonic every time.
    Those who submitted in the end have become the champions of hell, and those who got soaked with the power, not submitting, finally had broken their chains to kill his/her torturers, and flee while leaving a destruction in its wake.

    The significance of this "event" is such that, with worldstone shattered Nephalem are capable of accessing their untapped power, making them the perfect candidate for a champion. Playable Dreadnites are the ultimate sin, experiments of the demon lord Azmodan, that have went downright wrong, the ultimate weapon they have risen, ultimately turned against them.

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    Here's a more story-oriented introduction of the class:

    It was neither a single nor hundreds of Paladins that were left after the events of the Worldstone Shattering.
    Thus, with the demons beginning to roam more and more freely over the lands of Sanctuary through the course of 20 years, it has gotten easier for them to capture the remaining of Paladins. The capturing of these disciplined and highly capable warriors that had given trouble to demons for long is sensible as Paladins would prove to be possible vessels of an elite force that can champion demonic forces.

    Following this agenda, the captured Templar, Kormac was the lucky one, probably captured the last and saved the first, had been saved from the terrible fate that many of his comrades had and were to suffer...

    "Every single unlucky Paladin left unsaved, was to be called as Dreadnite, the champions of hell.
    They had been subjected to unparalelled torture, where their body had been tortured until all life had left it followed by an unholy exorcism to embalm their spirit in demonic essence, corrupting it and to be reanimated within a newer body, until the subject had submitted.

    The demonic essence had provided empowerment, and it was the flaw of their plan that was to backfire on them.

    Every consequent application had resulted in them growing in power.

    However, they had underestimated the heroic will of a paladin, those of whom that were older than the rest of the others had seen so many atrocities of demons that they had perseveared. Bidding their time, on the border of insanity, some of them had waited, to exact retribution.

    However, every day they were growing weaker.

    It was at the very moment that these fallen knights had sensed the drawing of the demonic energies to themselves that they had awakened, it was not the chant of Anu they heard anymore, it was the scent of darkness they could smell.

    It was time.

    They had broken their chains, and relentlessly killed their torturers...

    ...within their hunger they leaned on the carcass of cultists they had slain. However, the hunger was not quenched.

    In its rage the abomination fled into the night, only to encounter other demons. Its mind filled with one thought "Succulent", and plunged into them...

    ...the hunger, it was suppressed. Upon licking the bones of what was left of these demons, the memories hit the fallen knight. The beast was more human now, yet the pain struck it. The very pain that was carved to its very soul very soul by them...

    ...the demons... wanted to cause them the very pain that it had been forced to endure...
    ...and to consume them.

    Upon this moment with its roar piercing the night, the Dreadnite had fallen to avenge the fallen knight...

    ...and it will not stop until the Burning Hells, ceases to exist.

    Dreadnites had been unleashed..."

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