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    To HELL with this game

    Too much talk about it. I liked D1 and 2 because it had a SICK story. Does this one have a great story? If it doesn't I don't care.

    There's a ton of adventure games out there where you run around killing monsters, this isn't innovation anymore. How is the story?

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    you could easily research the game and realize there is a good story. but that would require a simple google search. but no lets come on a forum and bash the game and call it old

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    Diablo 3 isn't ever going to come out anyway so don't worry about it
    dictated but not read.

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    It has a more interactive story then any of the others so far.

    It also fleshes out some of the grey areas of the previous games and gives the plot a much better continuity.

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    It does have a good story. Here, I'll do the hard part for you:

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    Well, since the OP already has his mind made up and not interested in actual conversation... I'm just going to put an end to the thread.


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