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    Weapon Swap Macro Question

    Hunter Survival

    So I have the heroic Spire from Yor'sahj and the Normal Deathwing Polearm. I've played around with both and find the Spire does more DPS so I'm sticking with that. My question is, Is there a good reason not to start the fight with the Polearm, wait for the proc(which is usually immediately) and then switch to the spire? I know its pointless to switch back and forth since the ICD resets every time you equip it, but the extra 1070 agility while in rapid fire and pre-pot would be a huge damage boost in the beginning of the fight. The only negative side I could think of is my hit would be way below cap but only for a second or two at most until i switch in the Spire

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    No, no downside that I can think of, other than making sure it's equipped 45 seconds before the pull so it actually procs during your RF/prepot.

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    swapping weapons also triggers your gcd.

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