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    As a new League of Legends player, how long will it take to unlock Shaco?

    My friends begged me to play League of Legends for almost a year now. They finally showed me the Shaco character, which is similar to what I play in World of Warcraft (Subtlety Rogue), so I decided to download the game. I quickly learned that Shaco isn't even an optionable character and must be purchased with in-game currency. My question is, how long will it take to earn Shaco? (I'm not particularly interested in playing a female archer, or cuddly teddy bear for 4 months! lol!)

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    Depends how many games you play. Assuming about 2 wins, 2 losses a day, it would be about a week.

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    Just, eh, look at your gain rate and project it on the required amount?? Considering you are low level and get more IP than most of us on the forums
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    It will take you 7 days if you play 3 games a day, assuming you maintain a %50 win rate. So that's roughly 21 games. If you want to just grind him out in a few days you need to add additional games to account for the "First win of the day". So basically if you grind it out over 3 days that is 7 - 3 = 4 games you need to add, making it 25 games over 3 days.

    Shaco is one of the hardest champions in the game to play perfectly though, so i really wouldn't recommend him to a beginner.
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    With new system you will receive at level 3 , 400RP points . You can use that to buy an IP Boost for 1 day or 3 days and that will be very fast,maybe one day if you play some hours.Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CptShady View Post
    With new system you will receive at level 3 , 400RP points . You can use that to buy an IP Boost for 1 day or 3 days and that will be very fast,maybe one day if you play some hours.Good luck!
    Yep, i forgot about this. If you buy a 1 day boost you can effectively halve the amount of games you need to play. So if you buy a boost at say 16:00 and play 6 games and then play 6 more the next morning you should be able to buy shaco.
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    When I started last year, new accounts got an IP boost straight off, not sure if thats still the case but it is worth checking.

    Link to post about it, PS remember you can get Tristana and Alistar for free very easily

    Also if you mouse over your IP total when you log into the game it will say what/if you have any IP boosters active.

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    Well you may find shaco fun, and he may be viable in your way to 30. after that, people will be buying wards more often then not, and you will be useless :[

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    Not so useless,you can gank very early when wards aren't already put on map and this can give you some kills, and if you finish the game in mid-game u can still win,late game if top is feeded you will be useless.

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    If you like Shaco because his abilities resemble that of a subtlety rogue, you might also want to consider Talon, Evelynn, Akali and to a lesser extent Katarina

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    In all honesty.. it doesnt seem like League of Legends is for you.

    This isn't really a game where you can play 1 champ and 1 champ only... when you get to max level and start to play draft and ranked games, people require a certain composition to their team. This is usually 1 tank, 1 AP mage, 1 AD carry, 1 support and 1 jungler. Each team also gets 3 bans each, and in lower elos / draft play, shaco is in top 5 champs banned (due to lack of wards in those games).

    The best players are those who play them all. I personally either own the champion (have 50+ champs now), or played it during a free week, with the exception of Naut and Eve, there isn't a single champion I haven't played.

    Although you will have a main, a champion you are best with, and a lane you excel at the most, you will not have the luxury of only playing 1 champion. If you want to win even a little bit, you'll find yourself playing champs you don't always want to, simply because the other players in your team insta locked 4 AD carries and you are in desperate need of a mage.

    If you don't see yourself being flexible, don't waste your time with this game, you'll regret it.

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    Shaco is a pretty powerful, and hard to play champion. He is the king of counter jungling. Unfortunately you wont see many people jungling until around account level 25+. I recommend playing what you enjoy, but you have been warned

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    But why you wanna buy shaco and not a good champion who can carry all team and master it,till level 30 you can play a solo/jungle/mid/ad carry/support master this heroes and who be good if you wanna play rank. Or just choose a role and master it,like ap mid/solo top to help all lanes.

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    If you are brand new, you can just go molest beginner bots and not get an IP penalty, could probably get him in a couple days

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    Just interested... Whats you gonna do when you hit 30, and see shaco banned in draft mode?, (atleast in my experience, lately hes been banned 9/10 times)... Also, Shaco is only really viable as a jungler, are you ready to take up that task aswell?

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    Worry about that when they hit level 30? It's not like you turn lvl 30 over night and by the time you get there, you'll probably have plenty of IP for some complementary champs.

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    If you are just sticking to Dominion though, get him and you'll never regret it.
    He's so awesome to demolish people in that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thoukaia View Post
    If you like Shaco because his abilities resemble that of a subtlety rogue, you might also want to consider Talon, Evelynn, Akali and to a lesser extent Katarina
    Did he kill your housepet or something? You aren't supposed to recommend Evelynn to anyone.

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    All the ranked shaco banns are prolly due to his AP box double buff lvl3 instantly trick.
    If that gets fixed (if riot thinks it needs fixing) i doubt he'll keep his banned status for very long.

    Shaco goes for 3150 IP.
    You get a 150 bonus for the first win of the day, you can play 180 minutes vs bots per day.
    So lets say you get ~210 IP for the first game you play (and win) which will leave about 140 minutes of play left.
    Thats around 3-4 games at 40-50 IP each so without ever playing vs humans your looking at around 400 IP per day.
    Human games arent hold to the same rules i think so if you play 1-2 of those a day after you can do the total within a week.

    Buying an IP boost reduces that amount obviously.

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    I believe the double-buff was fixed a number of patches ago. He's still being banned. He's a pubstomper and a good Shaco controls earlygame for your team by posing as a constant, extremely hard to detect threat (if you don't know how to ward against him).
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