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    Ok ok I'll sim it but your thoughts?

    Hey guys, I was wondering what your guys thoughts are going from Fanged Tentacle (ilvl 378) + orb of first satyrs (378) to Ti'takh normal (403)?

    My first impression was that the Ti'tahk would be great since it would outweigh the two 378s simply by raw stats (+ ~100 int and 600 sp) but with the lack of secondary stats I was wondering if this has made any noticeable differences in dps/playstyle/lifestyle simply having to reforge the hit that would be lost. I tested it very briefly and found the 10 second proc to be lackluster especially if I want to refresh dots under the haste buff. I know the haste proc benefits raid members but atm I'm more focused on the personal dps side of things. Also, I don't have lightning rod but I'm planning to use that in place of ti'takh if I can ever get it. IMO the nice chunk of secondary stats from LR far outweighs the haste proc and slightly higher int/sp.

    What do you guys think?
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    Ti'tahk should perform better than Fanged Tentacle + Orb of First Satyrs. Also Ti'tahk will benefit other raid-members.

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    Ti'Tahk wins out. Think about not only the raw stats, but the fact that the proc equates to 370 haste for you. 378 will come nowhere close.

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    The spellpower on Ti'tahk is going to be the deciding factor here, and it's going to sim higher. I wouldn't count on using it for long - hold on to your offhand and pick up Lightning Rod (normal or heroic) or Rathrak as soon as humanly possible to get rid of that crappy weapon as soon as possible.

    The raid benefit on Ti'tahk has nearly nothing to do with it. The proc splash can go to pets, tanks, healers, and crappy dps or dps that won't benefit much from the haste in the first place. It's just an awful weapon, as simple as that.

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