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    Gearing Problem

    Good Evening, one of my guildies offered me to tailor me those

    Since i'm currently struggling with my haste and hitcap in my current gear i thought about taking those since i have 5/5 set pieces.
    Or does anyone have a better solution for my problem? I tried reforging in different ways but its not possible to reach both caps with this gear.

    Heres my armory.

    Thanks for your help!

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    First i would recommend using a reforging addon or something, i use reforgelite, just to be positive you cant reach both caps. If you cannot then you may want to consider just running at the 1573 haste mark.
    I didn't do the math since I'm pretty terrible at it but i don't think you would hit both caps even if you got those pants.

    Someone else might have some better pointers but still hope i helped.

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    I've also been using ReforgeLite and i let it reforge 2 times and wasn't able to get to cap. But when i had Chronoboost Bracers i hit both caps. But since Bracers of the Banished give more int because of that red socket, i've seen it as an upgrade.

    Should i reforge down to 1573? Might even get more mastery out of it then.

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    I used those on progress, so if you are struggling with hit go for it. Try to get a lightning rod asap! Remember your current staff has a huge chunk of mastery vs. crit, so if you go mastery > hit it might give slightly more hit if you somehow can get closer.

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    If you're demo, switch the bracers to chronoboost, and the wand to hungermouth.

    Those would both serve you better.

    Hitting 1993 haste isn't that big a deal in the first place, and you would be better off reforging for full mastery at this point.

    If your main spec is Demo now, then switch the glove enchant to mastery, your reckless ember topaz to artful, and the brilliant inferno ruby in your ring to an artful ember topaz. I'm gonna assume it's that way because you're mainly affliction though.

    Bracers of the Banished > Chronoboost Bracers
    Finger of Zon'ozz > Hungermouth Wand

    Head : HasteRating -> HitRating
    Neck : HasteRating -> MasteryRating
    Shoulders : CritRating -> HitRating
    Chest : HasteRating -> MasteryRating
    Waist : HasteRating -> HitRating
    Legs : HasteRating -> HitRating
    Feet : CritRating -> MasteryRating
    Ring1 : HasteRating -> MasteryRating
    Ring2 : HasteRating -> HitRating
    MainHand : CritRating -> HitRating

    At that point, you're set with 1742 hit, 2301 mastery, 1316 haste, and 655 crit. c|:-)

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