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    Help me

    here is a link to my armoury
    we are going for herioc mode bosses this week we got yor shai or whatever he is called to 20% this week-10 man.
    any pointers to where i could improve my dps through gear and enchants reforging/gems

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    put 65 crit on your back
    20 stats on your chest
    50str on hands
    replace the 20str 20 crit with either str or str + hit in your belt too

    in your buckle and BS sockets put strength in
    and gem your legs with strength

    thats pretty much it, use a website like gives good advice to enchanting and reforging to the best you can get your gear stats

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    re-gem, re-enchant and re-forge to this.

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    Wow. That is some horrific gem choices. Five etched demonseye, a 20str/20haste gem.
    Straight red gems, reforge for hit. If socket bonus is +20str/+30str, only then should you care about other gems.
    Blue 20str/hit
    Yellow 20str/crit.
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    I would pick up the Baldestorm Glyph instead of Slam for Yorash HC, your bladestorm then lines up nicely with the adds. Also another tip, try to get a charge/MS prior to using your bladestorm since Bladestorm does a LOT of your damage in HC yorash and being Enraged through MS crit for it helps a lot.

    Also don't use Sweeping Strikes with Bladestorm (unless ALL the adds die within the 5 seconds of your BS).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drknife View Post
    If socket bonus is +20str/+30str, only then should you care about other gems.
    Blue 20str/hit
    Yellow 20str/crit.
    No, a 10 str bonus is worth it, even a 10 crit one can be.

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    Hit optimize... you can hit the settings to tell it to NOT use epic gems or use cheap enchants instead of expensive enchants. Either way, a few slight changes should make a noticeable difference in your dps.

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