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    2 set LFR or...

    Should I replace my shoulders and legs with the 384 tier tokens for the set bonus, or should I keep my gear the way it is?

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    Its either way tbh.
    Yes its nice getting a small absorb from revenge, but legs are bis (pre hc) and prob cost you a fair amount of gold.
    To lazy to find out stat allocation on tier legs/shoulders, but im pretty sure it'll be a loss in ctc for the absorb.

    Personally, i would prob keep legs since you're not capping ctc yet.

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    Keep what you have until you can get the 4piece then swap. The 2piece isn't that great(just a very small bonus) you just pick it up cause the 4piece is awesome.

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    I noticed that some fights favour absorbs rather than CTC - I'm thinking more specifically Ultraxion where you have constant Shield Block and Hagara where Furious is dodge/parryable. I would be tempted to use two set there.
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