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    Quote Originally Posted by zakaluka View Post
    when a conversation breaks down into line-item rebuttal, it's no longer a constructive discussion, and nobody is participating at all except the two people arguing.

    when I see:

    white text

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    .... I just don't read it. I'm fairly certain 90% of everyone feels the same.
    I couldn't disagree more. It's better to reply to every point an individual makes instead of make a sweeping comment that's meant to cover them all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yilar View Post
    I'll break it down for you.
    Disc has higher output than holy with PI/AA on morchok, if you ever fall behind just use those. You can still use DH as disc, might not be as strong, but who cares. Much of the overhealing as disc goes straight into preventing dmg taken. Last time I did this fight I had almost 40% healing done via DA (solo healing my side). In comparison holy overhealing goes down the drain. Serendipity is ridicolous mana intensive aswell.
    Holy have mana issues on Morchok of all fights? That's ridiculously laughable. I can probably reforge out of Spirit on every piece of gear I have and still be able to do this fight. As it is, I don't use fiend/hymn at all. With Black Blood mana breaks, Holy's combat regen makes mana moot. Keeping a party up in Chakra Serenity with Renews refreshed by BHeal and Serenity is ridiculously mana efficient. t13 4set makes keeping Renew up on all 5 people VERY easy.

    I can heal that fight indefinitely and never drop below 80% mana pool. How many other boss fights can a Holy priest claim this?

    Your overhealing arguement is a strawman. Compare the complete package.

    Yor doesn't have to many high healing phases, the only phase where you need to use your big cooldowns is the yellow-red-black one, sure holy DH heals for a ton, but disc can use DH+PWB for that same phase, it only appears once, so what do you think is the better DH+PWB or just DH+100%? Oh and you can add 35k shields on low health people without losing tons of hps, holy just can't do that. Oh and if you struggle on purple phase like red+black+purple, guess what, PWB works there to!
    You should probably sit down and do some back of the napkin math on what the HPM for the direct heals are when they refresh a Renew, while in Serenity.
    Purple is no problem for Holy. Between rolling Renews and Test of Faith, everything is under control.

    Burn phases, -> DH and light a cigarette while I channel

    Warlord has predictable dmg, it's the same story as morchok, the ball bounces around. You don't need speed shields for shit. As disc you can line up PI+AA and a bunch of shields prior to black, as holy you can do what? Renew? Shield 1 target? Right...
    I have no idea why you think Holy would use PWS for healing. What that has anything to do with, I have no clue.
    As for healing it as Holy, go to town with either Serenity or Sanctuary chakra for the ball bouncing phase (both work well, depends what your raid needs)
    And for group up, all out AoE healing and DH when available.

    This boss is relatively easy wrt the rest of the bosses in DS.

    Ultra, you take red as disc and just spam smite till shit gets tough (attonement works with red btw!), then you spam PoH. I'll take 2-3mill dmg off the end any day over 10-15% more healing at the end.
    You want to laugh? I did this fight as Holy and smite spammed the first 2/3rds of the fight. I then picked up Blue and spammed PoH in Sanct chakra till he died.
    Oh, I cast DH while I had blue as well. Guess what that did

    Spine only requires 2 healers, as disc you can just attonement-nuke the amalgamations and assist if the other healers need help (with rolls or nukes etc.). As holy you just add death weight, as the healing becomes a joke.
    On a sidenote, don't underestimate Holy's ability to DPS. Chakra Chastise gives superior DPS, albeit zero healing. But like you said healing is a joke.
    If the healing isn't needed, you're better off either way going Shadow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babylon View Post
    things to consider are
    1. which spec youre better (and more comfortable) with? good disc priest will be always better than bad holy priest, but good holy priest will be better than bad disc
    ^This could have been the end of the thread.

    To grab some min/max spec from EJ and assume that you should instantly be great is foolish. The difference between what a spec CAN do and what it WILL do includes far too many factors to be able to say "my spec can beat up your spec".

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